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5 Best Swirl Teams In Genshin Impact

With the help of Anemo characters and Viridescent Venerer, the Swirl team comp in Genshin Impact is not only powerful but also special.

With Viridescent Venerer, Swirl responses in Genshin Impact become a key part of how aura units. That can Swirl with Anemo characters help them. With the Viridescent type of debuff, players can always try to add strong Anemo users like Kazuha to a DPS unit that uses that aura.

Even though Dendro makes Anemo less useful in Genshin Impact (since Dendro can’t be Swirled), Swirl is still one of the best and maybe even the most interesting responses. This is because Swirl can also cause other Elemental Reactions. For example, if Sucrose Swirls Hydro aura into an enemy with Pyro, Vaporise can also happen.

Sucrose + Kokomi + Fischl + Xiangling

In Genshin Impact, Sukokomon is often used as a team comp. The players will end up Swirling Kokomi’s Hydro, Fischl’s Electro, and Xiangling’s Pyro because Sucrose is in charge of team teamwork and the others are using their Elements off the pitch.

All of these Swirls will make many Elemental things happen in Genshin Impact, like Electro-charged, Overloaded, and Vaporise. Even in the Spiral Abyss, the confusion that the Sukokomon team composition creates is enough to get players far. If a player wants to go all-in on F2P, replacing Kokomi with Xingqiu can help. But the team will lose a lot of its power to stay alive.

Team Roles

  • Sucrose: Main DPS, driver, EM buffer, Swirl trigger
  • Kokomi: Support, healer, Hydro enabler
  • Fischl: Sub-DPS, Electro enabler
  • Xiangling: Sub-DPS, Pyro enabler, debuffer (on her C6)

Xiangling + Kazuha + Xingqiu + Bennett

Because of how well Xiangling and Xingqiu use their own Elements, this team is a good Vaporise team. Both of these units also do most of the damage for this team. As for Supports, Bennett and Kazuha’s insanely big buffs that Xiangling can Snapshot into her Burst are one of the best reasons to have them as the backups in this team composition. It’s important that Kazuha Swirls Pyro so that Xiangling’s Pyro DMG can be increased by up to 40%. It’s easy to do so as long as players plan to use Kazuha’s Elemental Skill or Burst after Bennett’s Burst.

As a team that depends a lot on Elemental Burst, Kazuha and Xingqiu don’t mind getting their own Burst back, but Xiangling does. This is another reason why Bennett is in this team composition. Bennett can give Xiangling the energy she needs and the big buff she needs to do most of the damage for the team. If a player unlocks Bennet C6, they can use Xiangling as a Pyro main DPS, since his Burst will add Pyro to her Polearm.

Team Roles

  • Xiangling: Sub-DPS, Pyro enabler, debuffer (on her C6)
  • Kazuha: Support, crowd control, buffer, Swirl Pyro and Hydro, debuffer (with Viridescent Venerer)
  • Xingqiu: Sub-DPS, minor healer, Hydro enabler
  • Bennett: Support, healer, buffer

Ganyu + Shenhe + Kazuha + Bennett

Ganyu is the only DPS in this team composition who will gain from having three buffers working for her. With just her Icy Quils and Ascension bonuses, Shenhe boosts Ganyu’s power to the next level. Bennett and Kazuha both work to spread Pyro all over the field, which makes it easy for Ganyu’s Charged attacks to cause Reversed Melt. If done right, Ganyu will be able to one-shot groups of enemies back-to-back before the movement to buff her starts again.

Team Roles

  • Ganyu: Main DPS
  • Shenhe: Support, buffer, debuffer
  • Kazuha: Support, crowd control, buffer, Swirl Pyro and Cryo, debuffer (with Viridescent Venerer)
  • Bennett: Support, healer, buffer, Pyro enabler

Ayaka + Shenhe + Venti + Kokomi

Freeze teams get the most out of Swirl responses because they can easily freeze their enemies by spreading both Hydro and Cryo over them. This approach works well for a DPS like Ayaka, whose Elemental Burst has a high cooldown and can hit a small area of effect. So, enemies who are far apart or who move around a lot are hard for Ayaka and her demanding Burst to hit.

To fix this, Venti tries to get all of the enemies in his Burst area while Kokomi freezes them with her strong off-field Hydro application. Spacebar Clicker players can use Ayaka’s Frostflake Storm now that all the enemies are frozen in one place. Also, both Venti and Shenhe give Ayaka a lot of buffs and debuffs that help her deal the most damage possible.

Team Roles

  • Ayaka: Main DPS, Cryo enabler
  • Shenhe: Support, buffer, debuffer, Cryo enabler
  • Venti: Support, crowd control, battery, Swirl Cryo, debuffer (with Viridescent Venerer)
  • Kokomi: Support, healer, Hydro enabler

Heizou + Fischl + Xingqiu + Zhongli

Heizou’s whole set is based on his Swirl reactions, which increase the damage of his Elemental Skills by up to four times each time he uses them. As a user of a melee Catalyst in Genshin Impact, having Heizou move with the help of his Swirls adds a unique flavour to his team’s compositions. Fischl and Xingqiu are two of the best off-field damage dealers in Genshin Impact. Put them on his team and watch how Heizou drives their Elements with his punches and Swirl responses to make a strong team around him.

Even though Zhongli can’t take the last place, anyone else can, and the Geo Archon makes the team more durable without reducing its damage. Instead, Zhongli’s rare debuffs make the team and Elementals better at what they do.

Team Roles

  • Heizou: Main DPS, Swirl Hydro and Electro
  • Fischl: Sub-DPS, Electro enabler
  • Xingqiu: Sub-DPS, minor healer, Hydro enabler
  • Zhongli: Support, shielder, debuffer, buffer (with Tenacity of the Millelith)

Genshin Impact can now be played on PS4, PS5, Mobile, and PC. A version for the Switch is in the works.

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