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All 11 Secret Statues In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a hard game with a lot of hidden things. There are secret ways to get Secret Statues. Here is how to find them all.

If you’ve played Stardew Valley for a while, you’ve probably given the Chicken Statue artefact to Gunther at the Museum and gotten the cute little Chicken Statue in return. There are a lot more figures hidden in Stardew Valley than simple Chickens, and they are much stranger and harder to find.

Concerned Ape went to a lot of trouble to put strange secret figures in their game. Why did they do this? We may never know, but if you want to start your own collection of Stardew Valley’s secret things or just want to buy some decorations for your house, here are all of the secret statues and where you can find them.

In Stardew Valley, there are a lot of figures. Many of them can be made or bought. This list will only talk about the ones that are secret and have special ways to get them.


How To Obtain
Play the Crane Game when the Wumbus movie is playing in the summer at the movie theatre.

What is a Wumbus, anyway? We don’t know for sure, but it is very bumpy. You can win this green, rough friend with white go-go boots by playing the crane game in the Movie Theatre.To get into the Movie Theatre, you need to have finished both the Community Centre and the Missing Bundle, which is in the old JojaMart.

During the same time, you can find a figure of Bobo that matches this one.

During the second year of the Movie Theater’s business, Wumbus can be caught while the movie “Wumbus” is playing. How did they get a whole figure into a crane game? Maybe it would be best if we didn’t ask so many questions.

Solid Gold Lewis

How To Obtain
Solve Secret Note #19

Who wouldn’t want a statue of our beloved Pelican Town mayor made of pure gold? The “Secret Note #19” will lead you to this 18-karat beauty in town. After you meet “Shadow Guy,” also known as our friend Krobus, you will be able to find and read secret notes. They’ll give you a magnifying glass so you can read any notes you find in the ground or in drops.

The number of the blue house shown in Secret Note #19 is 1 Willow Lane. Follow the arrows in every direction from there until you can’t go any further. You can’t go anywhere else but to Mayor Lewis’ house. His expensive-looking “secret project” is now yours to put wherever you want.

Gourmand Statue

How To Obtain
Fish in Pirate Cove (Ginger Island Southeast)

You probably have never seen this old frog before. That’s because it can only be found in a secret fishing spot on Ginger Island. A secret entry to Pirate Cove is on the east side of Island Southeast.

You can only fish for the Gourmand Statue in these pools. Unfortunately, you only have a 5% chance of getting this wise old man yourself.

Iridium Krobus

How To Obtain
Fish from in front of the Cindersap Forest Sewer Entrance.

This purple Krobus statue is made of pure iridium and is a much more charming way to decorate your home than the Solid Gold Lewis statue. Cast your line into the water near Cindersap Forest and pull this guy out of the water. You ask, “What ocean?” Yes, it is possible to get to the water from the most southern part of Cindersap Forest.

To get there, you need a total Fishing level of 15 though. You can get this benefit by eating a gold-quality Seafoam Pudding made with Qi Seasoning when your Fishing skill is at level 10 and your casting metre is full.

Stone Junimo

How To Obtain
Solve Secret Note #14

This cute stone is a great way to remember how hard you are working on the Community Centre. When you find Secret Note #14, you can find out where the Stone Junimo figure is.

The Stone Junimo is hidden behind the Community Centre, just to the right of the wooden fence and hidden by the building itself. Use a hoe or shovel to dig it out of the ground. Who and why buried this little figure in the back yard behind the Community Centre? We may never find out.

Stone Owl

How To Obtain
Random Farm Spawn (if this happens at night, you’ll hear an owl hoot)

The Stone Owl statue is probably the strangest one in all of Stardew Valley. This isn’t because it’s hard to find, but because it only shows up sometimes.

As you take care of your farm, there is a 0.5 percent chance that you will hear an owl hoot before you go to sleep. You will find this calm friend sitting somewhere on your farm in the morning.It is one of the weirdest things that can happen in Stardew Valley. The Stone Owl can even show up twice, which is different from other things that can happen.


How To Obtain
Place a Strange Bun in Vincent’s Toy Chest to get it.

Something stands out about the name “Foroguemon.” which makes you feel respect and maybe even a little fear. This strange figure, which looks like a slouching lizard, can be found in an even stranger way.

If you put a Strange Bun in Vincent’s toy box at 1 Willow Lane, the Foroguemon figure should pop out. You can pick it up and walk around town with it, or you can just take it home. It makes a very interesting focal point.


How To Obtain
Place a Super Cucumber in a secret box above the Blacksmith’s Shop to get it.

We understand. What does “??HMTGF??” mean? What does “HMTGF” mean? Why does it look like Bender from Futurama crossed with Gonzo from the Muppets? All of these are good ones.

You can find a brown box inside a small fence near the Blacksmith’s shop. The entry to the enclosure is hidden behind a tree on the right, which is pretty sneaky. Put a little Super Cucumber in the box, and boom. ??HMTGF??.

??Pinky Lemon??

How To Obtain
Put Duck Mayonnaise in a secret box in the storage room of the Stardrop Saloon. This is the room with all the barrels.

Almost like Concerned Ape is asking, “Is that Pinky?” Is it Yellow? It’s not clear how we are supposed to understand better than them, but this animal that looks like something from Dr. Seuss is just another secret figure you can find in Stardew Valley by putting a random item in an even stranger place.

Get a jar of Duck Mayonnaise and go to the Stardrop Saloon. There is a purple box in the back room, but it is a little hard to find. If you put mayonnaise inside, you’ll be able to ask out loud, “What the heck is a Pinky Lemon?”

Statue Of Perfection

How To Obtain
When all four lamps are lit, talk to Grandpa’s Shrine.

This purple bear statue is the best gift, even better than fixing up the Community Centre or marrying your Pelican Town crush. You might ask, “Why?” You get the Statue Of Perfection if you pass “Grandpa’s Evaluation” after three years of hard work on the farm.

When you finish Stardew Valley 100%, you’ll get the Statue of True Perfection, which gives you one Prismatic Shard every day.

Grandpa will give you the Statue of Perfection if, by the end of your third year, all four candles on Grandpa’s Shrine are lit. This shows how well you have taken care of the farm and the town. The Statue Of Perfection is more than just a sign that your dead grandfather approves of you from beyond the grave. It also makes between two and eight pieces of Iridium Ore every day.

Strange Capsule

How To Obtain
Random Farm Spawn (if the event happens at night, you’ll hear UFO sounds)

The Strange Capsule is the last thing in Happy Wheels. This isn’t quite a figure, but it does the same thing, so it’s worth putting in. There is a 0.8% chance that the box will show up on your farm after the first year.

At first, the item will be called the Strange Capsule, and there will be “something fleshy bobbing around in the fluid” inside. The box will be empty and some of the glass will be broken after three days. Once the spell is broken, there is a 1% chance that you will see a strange person during the night. The capsule doesn’t do anything useful, but you can put it on your desk or shelf like the other secret statues.

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