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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for an IPO

The opportunity to invest in a company’s initial public offering (IPO) can be both exciting and daunting for any investor. While the prospect of early investment in a potentially successful company is alluring, the process is not without its pitfalls. Investors might feel anxious about making the most of these IPO opportunities while also evading the common mistakes. 

This article guides you through these potential errors and helps you navigate the IPO application process with increased confidence. Read on to know more.

Understanding the Basics of IPO

Before we delve into ‘how to apply for IPO‘, it is crucial to grasp what an IPO is and why it is significant in your investment portfolio. An IPO or Initial Public Offering is when a private company offers its shares to the public for the first time.

This move signifies the company’s transition from private to public, enabling it to raise capital from a wider pool of investors. Below are some common mistakes investors make when applying for an IPO.

Common Mistakes When Applying for an IPO

A. Not Reading the Red Herring Prospectus

This document contains detailed information about the company’s operations, financial health, and future plans. Ignoring this can lead to uninformed investment decisions.

B. Ignoring the Company’s Business Model and Growth Prospects

A thorough evaluation of the company’s business model, market potential, and competition is essential when considering ‘how to apply IPO‘.

C. Investing Based on Hype

Following the crowd or getting swayed by market rumours can lead to hasty decisions. Always conduct independent analysis before investing.

D. Improper Usage of ASBA Facility

ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) is a facility that ensures your funds remain in your account until allotment. Misusing this can lead to application rejection.

E. Filling Incorrect Details in the Application

Filling in incorrect details like bank details, DP ID, PAN, or signature mismatches are some of the most common mistakes that can lead to IPO application rejection.

How to Avoid these Mistakes

Having understood the common mistakes, let us now delve into how these can be avoided:

A. In-depth Research

It is crucial to conduct thorough research when considering ‘how to apply for IPO‘.

B. Professional Consultation

Consulting with financial advisors or brokers can provide invaluable insights and help avoid common pitfalls.

C. Regular Monitoring of Investment News

Staying updated with financial news helps in making informed decisions.

The Impact of These Mistakes on Your Investment

Investing in IPOs can be a lucrative opportunity, but mistakes during the application process can impact your potential return on investment.

Taking the example of Rakesh, a first-time investor, he did not fully understand the business model of the company he was investing in. He simply followed the hype and invested a large sum of Rs in the IPO. Unfortunately, the company did not perform as expected, and Rakesh lost a substantial portion of his investment.

SEBI Guidelines for IPO Application

To ensure compliance and avoid rejections, it is crucial to understand SEBI’s rules and guidelines for IPO applications.

  • Eligibility: The company must meet SEBI’s eligibility criteria regarding net worth, track record, and other factors.
  • Application: Application should be made through a SEBI-registered broker or online through a Demat account. The application must follow the ASBA process.
  • Allotment: Shares are allotted based on a lottery system if the IPO is oversubscribed. You will receive shares only if your application is picked in the lottery.


Investing in an IPO can seem overwhelming, especially with the number of potential mistakes that can occur. Awareness of these common pitfalls and understanding ‘how to apply for IPO‘ can make the process smoother and more rewarding.

Informed decision-making is key in any investment scenario.

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