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Student Housing near University of Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is one of the cities in the world where a large number of international students come to get higher education. This city not only offers quality education but also provides excellent places of accommodation.

The student accommodations in this city comprise amazing facilities for international students. With these accommodations, students get amenities for various aspects of their lives. They can get excellent features for their studies. Moreover, the accommodation properties in Adelaide also take care of the fitness of students. You can also find some fantastic fun features in these properties.

Apart from the excellent features, there is one more thing that many students want from their accommodations. It is the availability of accommodation in the nearby location of their universities. When you have accommodation near your university, you get several benefits.

First, your money on commuting is saved if your accommodation is located at a place nearby from your university so you can save your cost of living in Adelaide. In addition, you can reach there quickly so you can attend your lectures without failing. Moreover, you may also find some accommodations within walking distance of your university. In that case, you can reach there even if you have waked up just fifteen minutes ago from starting your lecture.

The University of Adelaide, a major university in this city, is also located near some accommodation properties. Here, you will know about some of those properties.

Yugo Adelaide City

The university can be reached within just 5 minutes by driving from Yugo Adelaide City If you decide to go there on foot it will take 18 minutes in reaching there. This accommodation property has plenty of facilities for students.

All the accommodation units are equipped with Wi-Fi internet connections through which students can accomplish their study-related tasks and other online tasks. Study tables and chairs and bookshelves are provided to all the residents. A special study room has also been arranged here for all the students where they can study without disturbance.

There is a gym where residents of this property can do workouts for their fitness. Cinema is also provided to the residents where they can do entertainment in their spare time. Communal events are also organized here from time to time where students can meet other students and can enjoy themselves a lot.

The Switch Adelaide Central

It is just within 13 minutes of walking distance from the university and 5 minutes of driving distance. It has a plethora of facilities for international students. A study table and chair can be found here and also in every unit. You also find a gym on this property where you can do smart exercises on the advanced workout machines.

A television is also provided to students in The Switch Adelaide Central on which they can watch their favorite TV shows, music, sports, news, etc. There is also a garden where you can get the fresh air under the greenery.

Broadband and Wi-Fi internet connection can be found here for all types of online tasks for students.

Scape Adelaide Central

This property is meant for student accommodation Adelaide is 12-minute’ walk away from the university. It can be reached within 6 minutes if you go by driving. Like the above two, this accommodation property also has study tables and chairs for students. Study rooms where students can study with full concentration without any outer disturbance are also available on this property. Here also, there is a Wi-Fi internet connection through which students can connect the internet to their gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

There is a gym also for the fitness lover students living in the accommodations on this property. Besides, there is also a games room where students can play different types of indoor games. A cinema is also provided to students; therefore, they can watch interesting movies along with their friends.

Unilodge Metro Adelaide

Unilodge Metro Adelaide is 6-minute’ drive away from the university and you can reach there within 13 minutes on foot. The study room and study table and chair can be found here also. Moreover, it is a place full of fun. There is a games room here to play interesting indoor games like pool. Moreover, you can also find a BBQ here so you can enjoy grilled food. Television is also here for entertainment and news.

Like all other properties mentioned above, you can find a Wi-Fi internet connection on this property also. So, you can complete your projects & assignments, do online shopping, communicate with others, and accomplish many other online tasks.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned ones are some accommodation properties that you can find near University of Adelaide. There are many other such properties available close to this university.

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