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Find Your Perfect Home Away from Home

Are you one of the fortunate international students who are enrolled in London? Are you looking for a perfect home in London away from your home? If yes, then here you will find some ideas which will help you in fulfilling your wish.

London is not only the capital of England and the UK, a global city, and financial hub but It is also an education hub for international students. It is not only providing quality education to students in the 21st century but has also hosted many international students including some celebrities a century ago. Due to such a huge experience in hosting international students, there is no shortage of student homes in London.

Here you will know how to get a perfect home away from your home in this global city.

Check Online Student Accommodation Service Platforms as a First Step

The first thing you need to do is to check online student accommodation service platforms. These platforms are available in the form of websites and mobile apps. On these platforms, you can find lists of accommodation properties available in different cities in the entire world.

London is a city that you can find at the top of the list of the major cities. You can find lists of all types of properties on these platforms such as private student housing complexes, university halls, and private rentals. You can also get the details of all the accommodation properties mentioned on these platforms. These details include prices, stay durations, distance from the universities, amenities, and accommodation types.

Use Special Features of Online Student Accommodation Service Platforms

Some special features are also provided to students which help them in choosing the right properties as per their preferences more perfectly and conveniently.

One of the features is the filter feature. With the help of this feature, you can filter the list of properties on the basis of your required amenities, stay durations, move-in and move-out durations, price ranges, and more.

Another popular feature is the comparison feature. This feature allows you to compare prices, amenities, distances (from universities), and some other things of different accommodations on a single webpage. Details of all your selected properties are displayed in a tabular format, which you can compare.

All this can help you in finding the perfect student accommodation London of your choice.

Set Your Preferences

Above, you have read the way to find the details of student accommodation properties in London to find a perfect property. But, you are also required to set your preference so that you could understand which property is the best option for you.

On the above-mentioned online platforms, you come to know the details of different properties so you can understand what you can find in London. But, different accommodation properties may have different amenities. So, you should set your own preferences also to find the right accommodation property as per your desire.

Decide Your Budget

The cost of living in London is a very important factor to think about for students. It is required for you as a student to decide budget so that you could filter properties according to what you can afford.

Decide the Type of Accommodations

Different types of student homes are available in London from which you can choose. There are shared rooms where you can stay with one or more roommates. Moreover, there are ensuite rooms and non-ensuite rooms if you want your private space. The difference between ensuite and non-ensuite is that you find an ensuite bathroom in an ensuite room whereas you have to use the shared bathroom in the case of a non-ensuite room. You can also book accommodation in apartments and studios (shared or single-occupancy) in London.

Choose Accommodation near Your University

It is highly recommended to you to choose accommodation near your university which will save your expenses on commuting as well as your time of commuting. You can find accommodation within walking distance of your university in London. You can also select on-campus accommodation.

Summing Up

After thinking about your preferences carefully, you can discover more factors to find your perfect student home in London. Remember, finding the perfect student accommodation takes time and effort. Be proactive in your search, consider your priorities, and don’t rush into any decisions.

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