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Different Types of Student Accommodation

You might feel a little overwhelmed by the assortment of student housing alternatives available while looking for a place to live in your new university city or town. There are several options available to you even though the most typical path for students is to spend their first year in residence halls before moving into a shared house. The most typical types of student housing are mentioned below, along with expectations for each.

Different Types of Student Housing Options Available

Residence Halls

These are often available for first-year students and are typically owned by the university (although some are independent). Since they provide the finest possibility for meeting as many new people as possible, first-year students tend to find Student accommodation provided by the university to be the most appealing. Most students will be living away from home for the first time, and a dorm provides a wonderful balance between freedom and a taste of university life without providing as much independence as a privately rented home would.

Halls of residence offer a variety of alternatives, including catered or self-catered accommodations, shared or en-suite bathrooms, and shared or private kitchens.

Private-sector residence halls

The main distinction between these and university-owned residence halls is that private sector halls of residence are accessible to everyone. Private residence halls are among the most opulent options for student housing. Although private student halls can appear to be more expensive than shared houses or traditional halls of residence on paper, there are actually a number of popular misunderstandings about them that are worth reading before you make a decision.

These kinds of student housing can frequently result in a fairly multicultural mix of students, with some even coming from separate colleges.


Most of the students after their first year in the university, prefer to move out of their dorm and move into a house or flatshare with a group of friends or other students looking for flatshare. Renting a property with a close-knit group, you will probably be able to lower your cost of living in the city as you will be sharing the cost with the group. You will also be able to have fun and build strong relationship with the other students. You won’t lack options thanks to a plethora of websites created to assist you in finding random student rooms here and there in rental homes and apartments.

Private House Room

Since you won’t be sharing a rental with pals, this is a little different than a home or flatshare. In this accommodation type, you need to rent a room from your landlord and will live on the same property as them. Living in a private house room comes with several benefits. One of the benefits of living with a landlord is that you won’t have to deal with the frequently subpar conditions of private student housing.

You’d be surprised at the calibre of student housing available, even though this sort is undoubtedly not for everyone.

Private Residence/Flat

A private flat can be the ideal sort of student housing for you if you have a little extra cash to spend and are prepared to do so in exchange for greater privacy. People are most likely to choose this type of student housing when they are paired up or after having a bad experience in a shared house, according to our research.

Before choosing this route, only keep in mind the cost and the lack of social chances.

What Kind of Accommodations Are Most Frequently Offered to University Students?

As we previously indicated, the majority of university students will dwell in one of their university’s resident halls during their first year. These are naturally one of the preferred options for student housing for many students since they are frequently found on or close to campus. They may only be accessible to first-year students in particular circumstances (this will vary by university).

Majority of the second-year university students prefer to move into private rented accommodation. Most often, students prefer to move into rented houses or flats in groups of between three and eight people. Every year a large number of students move into private accommodation with their friends. So, we can conclude that private housing is one of the most common types of student accommodation.

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