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The Perfect Stardew Valley Match Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In Stardew Valley, there are 12 marriage options to choose from. If you’re having a hard time deciding between them, there are 12 zodiac signs to match them with. Taking into account the characteristics of each of the 12 characters, they are put with the sign that best fits them. You have to let the stars decide sometimes!

Of course, the stars can’t always be right, so if you find out that your perfect match isn’t so perfect after all, you can get split in Stardew Valley. But, with any luck, this list will help you find the right person to marry.

Aries: Alex

If you are an Aries, you usually look for someone who is the same as you. Aries are usually very active and young, so you will want to spend time with someone who can not only match your energy but also make it better.

Alex likes to play sports and hang out outside. He seems a bit tough and sure of himself at first, but when you get to know him better, you’ll see that he has a pretty soft heart. Alex likes to stay busy by playing gridball, which is a great way for an active Aries to spend time.

Taurus: Harvey

Dependability is one of the things a Taurus looks for in a partner. You want someone you can trust and count on. As a Taurus, you’ll look for someone who enjoys a cosy night in as much as you do. And who loves the world around them just as much.

As Pelican Town’s only doctor, Harvey may be the most reliable person in town. Since he’s a little shy, he’ll open up most to someone bold and honest, like you, a Taurus. Harvey’s favourite things to do at home are talk on the radio to pilots and build model aeroplanes.

Gemini: Shane

Geminis always have something to say, so it might seem strange that Shane, who won’t want to talk when you first meet, could be such a good match. As you start to earn his trust, Shane will start to talk to you more, often making jokes and teasing you.

Having a connection with Shane will take a lot of work. But he will keep you from getting bored, for better or for worse. If that wasn’t enough, having a good friendship with him will also let you get some pretty cool blue chickens.

Cancer: Penny

Cancers have soft, sensitive souls, and you probably want to be with someone who has a big heart and can make you feel safe and at home. As a Cancer, you are caring and like to spend time with the people you care about. You look for the same qualities in a partner.

Penny spends most of her time helping young kids in Pelican Town with their homework or reading, which shows that she is both kind and comfortable. Penny will always have great conversations with you because she wants to talk to someone as sweet as her.

Leo: Elliot

As a Leo, you’re ambitious and strong-willed, and you want a partner who can accept and support that. You are often attracted to someone who is as charming, interesting, and independent as you are. You also want a partner who can both help you reach your goals and work towards their own.

Elliot is a writer with a lion’s mane who works hard on his book. But he will still have plenty of time to support your work on the farm. Also, if you’re the kind of Leo who likes to be the centre of attention. You’ll be glad to know that if you get close enough to Elliot, he’ll see you as a sort of muse.

Virgo: Maru

Virgos are naturally curious, and you probably love to work hard to find out more about the world around you. You want to find someone who is just as curious as you are and who you can count on to work hard at both their job and the relationship.

And if you fall in love with Maru, she’ll give you just that. As a nurse who cares about her family, Maru is very committed to the important things in her life. She always makes sure to be there and do her best. Maru also likes to learn about science and space. And she often wants to use her telescope to show you the beauty of space.

Libra: Haley

Libras want to date someone who is fun, friendly, and clean. Since you also have these traits, it’s important to you that your partner can keep up. Haley is very proud of who she is in every way. Which you, as a Libra, might understand.

Haley is a photographer who loves to walk around town, talk to people, and take pictures. Haley is a confident girl who will make sure you feel loved. Even if you are scared of the more dramatic parts of her personality.

Scorpio: Sebastian

Scorpios are usually mysterious and cold, so not many people can keep up with their energy. In fact, you have a lot of love to give, and when you find someone interesting and like them. You’ll work hard to make the relationship last. Most likely, you’ll be most interested in Sebastian, who is very different from the other people in town and is hard to get close to.

Sebastian is shy and nervous, but if you work hard to get him to like you. It will pay off in the end and lead to a great relationship. You won’t have to walk around town alone looking strange anymore.

Sagittarius: Abigail

Sagittarians are known for loving to try new things, so you need a partner who feels the same way. You want someone who has strong ideas and isn’t afraid to question you. You want someone who can help you learn and grow. Abigail is the best person for those jobs.

Abigail likes to try new things and will think it’s cool that you fight monsters in the mines. She is very sure of what she wants and what she thinks. And she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself if you or someone else doesn’t agree with her.

Capricorn: Leah

As a Capricorn, you are realistic and like to get things done. You have a pretty good plan for what you want and plan to stick to it. Being so set in stone might make it hard for you to find a partner. Which is why sculptor Leah is the right match for you.

Leah is an artist who works hard at what she does, and when you tell her to follow her dreams. She will tell you to do the same. Your relationship with Leah will show you a calmer side of yourself and give you a chance to take a break from your busy life.

Aquarius: Emily

Aquarians are known for being the most unique sign in the zodiac. And since you do things your own way, you’ll want to find someone else who does the same. You like people who are just as interesting as you are and don’t mind being a little bit strange.

Emily not only makes unique and stylish clothes, but she also seems to have some psychic abilities. There is no one else like her, and she even has a dream about you that is a sign.

Pisces: Sam

Pisces are known for being creative people who like to go with the flow. They are drawn to people who have the same laid-back attitude and love for making things. You probably also want someone who has a good heart and isn’t afraid to be open with you.

Sam is an artist who knows how he feels very well. He likes to have fun and often skates outside his house or plays Flappy Bird in his room. Sam is very honest with you about himself and wants to have fun times with you. This makes your friendship with Sam very sweet.

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