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6 Best Spears In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, Ranked

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players can choose from a number of different weapons. These are the best spears for those who like to use them.

Link can use a lot of different tools in The Legend of Zelda games, and Tears of the Kingdom is no different. There are 6 different kinds of weapons, and spears are one of them. Spear blades can hit and attack enemies from farther away than most sword blades can.

Depending on the spear, it can do a series of hits faster than a sword, but it is a two-handed weapon, so Link can’t hold both the spear and his shield at the same time.There are almost the same spears in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom as in Breath of the Wild, with a few new ones from the Zonai. All spears and other weapons can be made stronger by fusing them together, but there are some spears that are already strong.

Mighty Zonaite Spear

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom adds a new type of weapon called Zonaite guns. Even though all metal weapons on the surface are broken, Zoniate weapons are more widespread, strong, and don’t need to be fused to work. The Mighty Zonaite Spear is in Lomei Castle on the Sky Islands, or it can be dropped by a defeated Zonai Construct enemy.

The Mighty Zonaite Spear has a base attack of about 8, but its passive ability, Zonaite-Powered, makes it one of the best spears in the game. When a Zonai device is combined with a weapon with this passive ability, it can make the weapon’s attack power go up. By combining it with an Elemental Emitter, a Beam Emitter, or a Cannon, the Mighty Zonaite Spear becomes twice as dangerous for any of Link’s enemies.

Forest Dweller’s Spear

In Breath of the Wild, it was hard to get into the Great Hyrule Forest, and in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, it’s even harder. The tried-and-true way is to go through the Lost Woods, but players who are more bold can get to the Great Hyrule Forest by going through the Minshi Woods Chasm and the Depths. When using this way, make sure you have the Flame Guard Armour on. No matter how the player gets to Great Hyrule Forest, they will get the Forest Dweller’s Spear as a prize.

It has a pretty average base damage of 13, but its passive power, “Fuse Recycling,” makes it worth getting. Fuse Recycling means that the material used in the weapon can be used over and over again without being lost. This makes the Forest Dweller Spear one of the most useful tools because it can be changed to fit the needs of the player.

Royal Halberd

The Royal Halberd is a fancy sword that was once used by knights to protect the Castle’s most important places. The Royal Halberd is usually in one of two places: Hyrule Castle or the East Necluda. If you’re going to Hateno Village, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for one of these places.

It has a base attack of 15 and a passive power called “Improved Flurry Rush.” After a perfectly timed dodge and a follow-up move, Link can do Flurry Rush. Time slows down, giving Link more time to hit the enemy as many times as possible before it can do anything. A normal Flurry Rush is strong, so an Improved Flurry Rush is a very strong thing to have.

Lightscale Trident

The Lightscale Trident is an uncommon tool that most Breath of the Wild fans will know. It is a tool made by Zora that Princess Mipha used to have. Sidon’s weapon is a copy of the Lightscale Trident that his beloved Sister used. It has an attack power of 22 at its lowest level. Link can only get the Lightscale Trident if Dento makes it for him.

But players must first finish the main story quest Sidon of the Zora and clear the Water Temple. After these two things are done, players can ask Dento to make them a Lightscale Trident. It takes 5 pieces of flint, 3 diamonds, and a Zora Spear. The Lightscale Trident has a passive feature called “Water Warrior.” This means that when it gets wet, its attack power goes up.

Royal Guard’s Spear

The Royal Guard’s Spear is a rare item that was also in Breath of the Wild. It’s part of the Royal Guard set, which also includes the Royal Guard Cap, Uniform, and Boots. You can find both the armour set and the stick in Hyrule Castle. The Royal Guard Spear has an attack of 18 and the passive ability “Breaking Point” at its lowest level.

When a weapon’s Breaking Point is close to breaking, its damage will go up. It doesn’t last long, and because of its passive ability, it won’t be long before the spear is as strong as it can be. This means that 8 Ball Pool players will need to get another weapon sooner.

Gloom Spear

By a long shot, the Gloom Spear is the strongest spear in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. It’s a rare item that can only be found in places where Phantom Ganon shows up. And the player has to beat him to get it. The Gloom Spear comes with a Gloom Sword and a Gloom Club as part of a set of Gloom Weapons.

Phantom Ganon can move faster and hit more quickly with the Gloom Spear than he could with either the Gloom Sword or the Gloom Spear. The Gloom Spear has a base strength of 30, so anyone looking for a strong spear should get one. The bad thing about it is that its passive ability, “Gloom Toll,” makes Link feel sad. Players can get rid of Gloom by eating food with Sundews in it. The less Gloom there is, the more Sundelions are used.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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