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10 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Details From The New Trailer

We got a new video for Spider-Man 2 at the PlayStation show. Here are 10 things we learned from it, from Kraven to Peter being more sad.

After waiting for a long time, we finally got to see more images of the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which adds to the world that Insomniac Games has made so well. We didn’t just get a sneak peek at what will happen. We get a 12:50-minute look at scenes, new personalities. And game play that make us want the game even more than we did before.

We have a lot to see and a lot of new information. It’s time to talk about everything.

Kraven The Hunter

During the first reveal, many people saw hints about the character. Now, he’s here in all of his glory. Kraven not only looks just like he does in the comics, but he also shows why he will be a big threat to our Spider-Men.

We already know that Venom will be in the game, so it’s hard to say if Kraven will be the first bad guy or a threat throughout the game. But we can see that he has thugs and even robot animals helping him. These will probably be our main enemies, and they run places that look like the strongholds from the last game.

Symbiote Suit

We wanted to see Peter in the Symbiote Suit, since Venom was already a sure thing.The suit looks great, but it also has different strikes and a more aggressive style of play. The L1 button controls how the suit moves. When Eddie Brock or maybe someone else gets the Symbiote, will we lose these powers?

We see him hitting people from far away, rolling towards enemies, and even grabbing and knocking down multiple people with a single move. Based on what I can tell from the HUD, I think Symbiote moves will have a delay.

Switching Between Spiders

We’ll be able to play as both Spider-Man and Spider-Women during the game. The new trailer shows how fast you can switch between them. Peter’s special powers now come from the Symbiote, which he can use by pressing L1. Miles’ special powers come from his bio-electricity, so each Spider will have different special powers while still having the same basic ones.

The Spider swap happened in the middle of the mission because it was important to the story. This means that there will be tasks where you’ll switch between them. But it seems possible that you’ll be able to walk around the city with either of them when doing side missions, unless a side mission specifically calls for one of them.


It was already amazing to get around New York, but it just kept getting better. Aside from what we already knew, we saw Miles use his webs like a catapault to move quickly through the air, which is great. Still, we’ve seen both Spider-Men use the wings on their suits, both in the books and in movies that came out more recently.

From what we can see, you can go a long way without losing height and move quickly across the map. It looks like a fun way to get around to switch between swinging on a web and flying.

Stealth Mechanics

Even though being sneaky was fun, it wasn’t Spider-Man’s best skill. Miles’s solo adventure made it a little better thanks to his camouflage and the fact that you don’t have to fight to finish fortresses, but things have moved a bit further here.

Miles makes web lines on any wall he shoots at, and he even makes a web line from another web line. He also shows that he can do Perch Takedowns on two enemies at the same time, so we won’t have to wait until they are farther apart.

The Lizard

Kraven is not after Spider-Man in this story. Instead, he is after Doctor Curt Connors, also known as The Lizard, while Peter is after him to save Harry from his illness. Even though we don’t get a good look at the Lizard because he moves so quickly, we can tell that he’s big and doesn’t look like a person, which is different from other forms of the character.

We also get a feeling of fear when Miles finds his skin, which lizards do, and when he attacks Miles from the water as he and Ganke run away. Getting rid of him will be quite hard.

More Of New York City

The first two games only took place in Manhattan, which is a good choice for a game map because its borders make it easy to narrow the area. This time, we get to web-sling through a bit more of New York City.

We still don’t know how much of NYC we’ll get, but the gameplay shown takes place in Queens, which is the city’s biggest neighbourhood.

Chase Sequence

We’ve done some of these scenes in other games and know how to do them. But now we take the fight to the water, where we chase Kraven while he chases the Lizard in the East River.

It works like old car chases, where you have to get close to the jet skis and kick the people off of them. Then there’s the scene where Miles is “surfing” away from the Lizard, which we’ve already talked about.

Peter’s Behavior

Those who know the suit will know that the Symbiote does more than just give Peter more power. During Snake Game, Peter doesn’t make any of the jokes that are his trademark. Instead, he tackles his opponents with ferocity, threatens them, and acts cocky and dangerous. Jameson will say something about this for sure.

Miles sees this, but he doesn’t know why, which makes us think that we’re not that far into the game yet. When Miles sees Peter save a stranger, he throws him away to keep fighting, which is a pretty funny thing to see.

Characters’ Easter Egg

We don’t know if these figures are going to show up or if they are just Easter Eggs. Still, when one of Kraven’s goons offers a new place to hunt, we see Kraven looking at a map of New York that shows possible prey, and a lot of characters show up.

Aside from Spider-Man and the Lizard, we see Black Cat, Prowler, Wraith, Tombstone, Doc-Ock, Electro, Kingpin, and Taskmaster. Wraith is actually Yuri Watanabe as an outlaw, at least in the comics.

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