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10 Best Young Strikers To Have In Career Mode In FIFA 23

You won’t believe how good they are in FIFA 23.

In FIFA 23, a good attack can help your team a lot, and a dangerous frontman can help your team a lot by getting a lot of goals. Many people play Career Mode with the goal of signing a great Striker to fill that part for the next few seasons.

There are a lot of people who could fill that job, so you need to think carefully about the options before choosing one. If you want to move up from a lower level, the best thing you can do is buy a Young Striker who can improve a lot. You can look at the list below to find the best young people for a certain job.

Strikers who were under 21 at the start of the Career Mode were the only ones taken into account. The scores below come from the March Squad Update for FIFA 23.

Mathys Tel, Bayern Munich

Mathys Tel is a young player on the rise who is worth signing in Career Mode. The French Striker plays for Bayern Munich. He is one of the most exciting young players in the Bundesliga because he is so good at scoring goals.

In FIFA 23, he will cost you between €2.5 and €3 million, which is a lot of money because he is rated 67 and has the ability to go up to the mid-80s. The player can also take on the jobs of Left Mid or Right Mid. And you can change him to one of those roles if you need to.

Liam Delap, Preston North End (Loaned From Manchester City)

In recent years, Manchester City has been putting out a lot of good players. And Liam Delap is one of the ones who looks the most promise. The famous midfielder Rory Delap, who was known for his long throws, is his father.

Liam Delap is basically ranked 66 and will go up to 83, but he has the potential to go even higher. Because he is a dynamic player. But he will be on loan to Preston North End, so you won’t be able to get him until the second season of Career Mode in FIFA 23.

Rodrigo Ribeiro, Sporting CP

Rodrigo Ribeiro is a great Portuguese Striker who you should also keep an eye on. He has a rating of 66 in FIFA 23 and plays for one of the best teams in the Primeira Liga, Sporting CP.

The fast forward has a great potential of 84, and he only costs a few million. So you can get him even if you are rebuilding a team on a tight budget. Also, he has a release clause for €5.5 million that you can use if you don’t get him in the first season. Over time, his worth goes through the roof.

Dane Scarlett, Portsmouth (Loaned From Tottenham)

Dane Scarlett has proven himself to be a reliable choice for the Striker spot. And he has been used a lot in FIFA 23’s Career Mode. He might be the best choice, and if your team helps him. He will score a lot of goals for you.

If you buy the rising star early, you will almost certainly get a great deal because his grade starts in the 60s and goes up to the 80s. Because he is so fast, he is also good at playing the wings. And you can use him there whenever you need to.

Matthis Abline, Auxerre (Loaned From Rennes)

Matthis Abline is a French Forward who is on loan to Auxerre from Rennes. Once his loan to Auxerre is over. You can sign him in the Career Mode of FIFA 23 in the second season.

Abline has all the skills needed to be a top striker for your team, and his excellent stats show that. At the start of Career Mode, he has a rating of 69. But by the time you try to sign him in the second season, he will easily be over 72/73. So, you will need more than €7-8 million to hire him.

Henrique Araújo, Watford (Loaned From Benfica)

Henrique Arajo is a highly rated Striker you might want to add to your team. In the first season, you can find him on loan at Watford. He has good stats all around, making him a great choice to lead your team’s attack.

This young Portuguese player has an incredible potential of 85 and a grade of 71. With regular playing time. He will easily reach a rating of 80 within the first few seasons after you sign him. So, make sure to use him right away as your go-to player and see what a great job he does.

Mohamed-Ali Cho, Real Sociedad

There are a lot of great forwards in La Liga, and Mohamed-Ali Cho is one of the best Strikers in the game right now. He plays for Real Sociedad. In FIFA 23, he has a rating of 72 and a potential of 85.

He seems to be fast and good at dribbling, which makes him a great choice for the Attacking Midfield spot. But his passing stats aren’t very good, so it would be better to put him up front where he could trouble the other team’s defence and score goals.

João Pedro, Watford

Joo Pedro has been one of Watford’s best players in the EFL Championship. And you can buy him in FIFA 23 to get the same results. The Brazilian will give your team a lot of style and will definitely shine if you give him the right through balls.

He has a grade of 72, and to get him in the first season. You will have to pay between €6 and €8 million if you negotiate well. He’s worth the money because he has a potential of 85, which is good for a Striker.

Benjamin Šeško

Benjamin eko was one of the best players in FIFA 22’s Career Mode, and in FIFA 23. He has been getting better and better. In real life, the Striker has been great for RB Salzburg and has scored a huge number of goals for the Austrian team.

If you have enough money, getting Benjamin eko is a great idea. Because he will become a world-class player in three or four years. The Slovenian is basically rated 74 in Funny Shooter 2 game, and it won’t take him long to get to 85, which is what he is capable of.

Youssoufa Moukoko, Borussia Dortmund

Youssoufa Moukoko might be the best young Striker that you can find in FIFA 23’s Career Mode. The player has a great rate of 75 in the game and a potential of 89. So it shouldn’t be hard to get him to over 90 in a few seasons.

Also, he is fast and good at dribbling, and he will work well if he is used with another Striker. You can’t play him as the Target Man or spam crosses into the box, though. Because the German star isn’t that tall.

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