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10 Best Defender Operators In Arknights, Ranked

The goal of Arknights is to protect the blue points from waves of enemies. The Defender is the best unit for doing this.

The goal of Arknights is to protect the blue points from waves of enemies, and the Defenders are the best basic front-line unit for this. These units have a lot of HP and DEF, which means they can take a lot of damage on the front lines.

They can stop up to three enemies from moving forward, making them very strong obstacles. Defenders are the best at holding the line, which is a very important part of finishing missions. No one else can do it better. So, here are some of the best Arknights defender controllers that players should know about.


Most Defenders are built around DEF and can take a lot of damage, but they are weak to damage from arts because they don’t have protection. Asbestos, on the other hand, loves it when art is damaged. As an Arts Protector, she is naturally resistant, and her skills make it even stronger. She also has a higher ATK than most Defenders, so she can be a tank and still deal damage.

What makes her stand out is how well she can deal with damage from AOE skills. With her second skill, she boosts her ATK damage and DEF, while also increasing her range and turning her hits into AOE damage. Also, her talent gives her more protection and the ability to regain SP when she takes damage from arts, which keeps her skills ready to use.


Defenders’ main job is to stop the enemy from moving forward while the DPS operators deal with them. But Liskarm, a 5-star operator, is different because he is one of the few Defenders with a long attack who can fight both ground and air units well. Also, her second skill makes her more effective by increasing her ATK, turning it into arts damage, and letting her hit up to three targets at once for 20 seconds.

Even though she can attack, Liskarm is still a Guardian and can still tank. But what really makes her stand out is her special ability to give SP to nearby operators whenever she takes damage. This makes her a battery of SP that can block and shoot. Because of this amazing trait, she is a great friend for operators like Thorns, who need time to charge their skills.


Cuora is a four-star Defender who is very good and one of the few who can fight with the six-star ones. She is a Protector class Defender, which means that total defence is her speciality, and she is really good at it. On top of her huge defence stats, her second skill, which she just got at level 7, doubles her DEF, lets her heal 1% of her Max HP per second, and adds 1 to her block count. This makes her almost impossible to take down.

Her niche is the reason why she is not at the top of the list. Most of the time, she brings more DEF than she needs. Most Arknights players would rather find someone with just the right amount of DEF so they can still do damage.


As a Protector Defender, Nian is good at having a high DEF, but she is also able to help her friends. With her first talent, all Defenders on the team get a big +16% Max HP boost just by having her in the list. They don’t even have to move her into position.

Her third skill gives close allies a boost to their ATK and DEF and makes it easier for them to block. Because of this, other Defenders like Eunectes and Coura can work well with her. Her second skill gives her one more DEF and one more blocks. Also, when she is attacked, she does damage with arts and makes her attackers quiet. This makes her great for getting rid of those annoying spiders that freeze or explode.


Most Guardian Defenders focus on healing their allies, but Blemishine can do harm and has one of the best base skills in Basket Random game. Even though she is a Guardian Defender, she only has a range of one cell and can do a lot of damage. When she attacks, her second skill makes her ATK go up, puts enemies to sleep, and heals close allies.

Also, her second skill makes her focus on enemies who are sleeping and lets her do a lot of damage to them. But her strength comes from her third skill, which boosts her ATK and DEF and lets her heal a nearby ally for a big amount of her attack power. At the same time, her first talent lets all operators with defensive recovery gain SP when they fight.


You can be a tank in many different ways. You can be a spiked wall like Hoshiguma, a wrecking ball that swings like Mudrock, or a stronghold that shoots like Horn. She is one of the few Fortress Defenders with a long range that focuses on AOE damage and DEF. Her main skill is to shoot a flare that does a lot of damage and makes enemies that were previously unseen visible for up to 8 seconds.

She is also known for her second skill, which gives her ten ammo charges. For the first five ammo charges, the damage of her AOE attack goes up, and for the second half of the ammo, Arts damage goes up. If the skill is turned off by hand, use all the leftover ammunition to nuke the target and do a lot of damage. But if you do that, it will hurt her, equal to 60% of her HP.


There are a lot of enemies in Arknights, but Eunectes is not like most Defenders. As a Duelist, her job is to deal a lot of damage to a single target. With her second skill, which increases her ATK and lets her stun-lock enemies, she is also very good at locking down and killing top units.

Because of this one-of-a-kind skill, she is very good against Bosses that can be shocked. Also, she is known for her third skill, which gives her an extra boost to her already high ATK, makes her DEF better, heals her HP, and gives her a +2 block.


She is a Protector class Defender, just like Coura, but her skill doesn’t make her DEF higher. Instead, it lets her block all damage. Also, her second skill gives all Defenders a boost to their DEF when she is helping her friends.

Her second skill makes her more useful by raising her DEF and dealing damage back to the person who attacks her every time. Also, her third skill makes her ATK and DEF higher while she spins her shield to cut up all foes in front of her by one tile. Because of this, she is very good at fighting off big groups of attackers.


In Arknights, there are times when players can only use one operator to guard a lane. Mudrock is the best Defender for this job. As a Juggernaut, doctors can’t fix her, but her skills and abilities will.

Her first skill gives her a shield that gives her three layers of protection. When broken, this shield can stop all damage and heal her for 20% of her Max HP. Her second skill heals 6% of her maximum HP and does damage to an area around her. If someone needs to cover a lane, Mudrock can do it all day.


Saria is the best Defender when it comes to being useful. She brings something to the table that none of the other Defenders can. Her second talent is notable because it lets her restore up to 2 SP for those she heals. This makes her three skills work together in a remarkable way.

She is the best not because she is the best tank, healer, or lane defence. Instead, she is the best because she can do all of these things at the same time. She not only gives herself more power, but she also helps your other DPS players do better. She is everything you need in a Healer Defender of the Guardian class.

Arknights can be played on both iOS and Android.

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