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Manage Linux Reseller Web Hosting in India


To manage the reseller account entirely, you will need top management tools. Some providers offer the tools with the package, while some take extra charge. The tools we will discuss in this article are WHM and Cpanel. These two tools control entirely the reseller hosting account when you operate it on Linux OS. In brief, if we describe WHM, it is a tool that enables users to host multiple domains to the users and create numerous Cpanel accounts for them. In contrast, the Cpanel tool lets you manage these created user accounts with keen surveillance. So, let’s begin the article and learn more about how you can fully manage your Linux Reseller Web Hosting Services in India.

Tools To Fully Manage Linux Reseller Hosting Accounts in India

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, WHM and Cpanel are the two tools that provide the utmost access and control over the Linux Reseller Web Hosting India account. So, let’s learn about these two tools in-depth.

What is WHM?

WHM stands for Web Host Manager, which lets you manage the reseller accounts with admin access. It allows you to render the Cpanel accounts to your clients. You can create multiple Cpanel accounts by using this tool and can watch out the user activities. This tool works in two ways. Firstly, it highly benefits hosting resellers to manage the account on their own finely. And secondly, it lessens the customer support you want from your web host. You can manage your account on your own. Here are the Best reasons why Linux Reseller Hosting users in India should hold WHM access-

  1. WHM provides High-level security for websites.
  2. It enables you to have the authority to keep a watch over the activities of your client’s websites.
  3. To showcase your hosting brand, the WHM interface can easily be modified as per your needs.

These are the top 3 reasons why you should opt for WHM access to manage a Linux Reseller Web Hosting India account.

What is Cpanel?

Cpanel is the industry-leading control panel as it provides an open-source platform to its users and has a customized interface. It is a hosting management software compatible mainly with Linux Reseller Hosting Plans in India. It lets users handle the reseller hosting account with a single dashboard. Using this tool, you can manage domains, set privacy restrictions, data backup, and many other things.

And, if you are a Linux Web Hosting Reseller in India, you’ll need a panel that lets you manage your clients’ accounts. And by adding this too, you can use it to handle your client’s CPanel accounts. So, it smoothens your work and tasks and provides a customizable interface.

Top reasons why you should get Cpanel to manage your reseller account.

  1. Cpanel has a built-in billing system that automatically sends invoices to your customers.
  2. It is an open-source platform that is easy to work with and operates tasks.
  3. The settings are highly customizable, so if you want to modify them, you can.
  4. You can manage your business emails with a control panel like Cpanel, which has a robust email package.

How to Manage Your Linux Reseller Web Hosting Account in India?

How to Manage Your Linux Reseller Web Hosting Account in India

As we already discussed, the two tools that will help you to control and manage your reseller account are entire. But how they will help, we will go to know in this section. So let’s get started.

WHM Access

Web Host Manager(WHM) access provides several benefits to host multiple sites on your reseller accounts. Firstly, it enables you to install and manage SSL certificates. It gives you root-level access that lets you add multiple domains. By having WHM access, you can create small bundles of hosting packages. After making them, you mark up the hosting price and then sell these bundles to your customers. So, that’s how you can manage your Linux Reseller Web Hosting account in India. 


Cpanel has a simple GUI that helps you smoothly manage the system admins. With this tool, you control the other Cpanel accounts of your customers. You can delete, upload, and transfer the FTP accounts. There is no filtration in doing this. You can remove the domains and subdomains connected to your Linux Reseller Hosting Plans in India. Also, by using Cpanel, you can set up a one-click installer that lets you add any web application to the server. Since Cpanel has the nature of easy adaptability, you can add any application or software to your server space.

Hostbillo- Best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider in India with Full Control

Hostbillo hosting solution completely controls your Linux Reseller Web Hosting India account. The host includes WHM access free of cost in the hosting package and lets its customers use it entirely. Since the company is India based, managing the server and getting the utmost support in whichever language you want will be no issue. The host serves 24*7 customer support with a seven days credit back assurance in case your mind changes regarding the plan. 

However, Hostbillo also offers Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting Plans in India that includes premium features like-

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. Maximum SSD Storage
  3. Free WHM Access
  4. Free SSL Certificate
  5. Cpanel Accounts
  6. Rich Security
  7. Malware Scan and Protection
  8. Multiple Domain Addon Facility
  9. CloudLinux Optimization
  10. Weekly Backup

Additional Tools To Manage Linux Reseller Hosting Business In India with The Best Way

WHMCS– All Rounder

Web Host Manager Complete Solution(WHMCS) enables resellers to manage their hosting business smoothly. The tool is superb for client management, billing, and support functionality. It is an automatic tool, so no men power is required to handle the process. Not only can you use this for web hosting services, but you can also manage web development or graphic design services. The tool provides features like- automated recurring billing, account creation, suspension, termination, payment tracking, and statical reports. There are lots of other things also that you can manage with this tool. And especially for Linux Reseller Web Hosting businesses in India, this tool will work like an all-rounder.

Chatbots– Efficient Customer Support System

A chatbot is AI software that simulates the chat or conversation with the user via messages, phone, mobile apps, etc. This works in two ways- user request analysis and returning the response.

With user request analysis, the chatbot analyzes the user request, identifies the user intent, and extracts the irrelevant query to provide the correct answer. It needs to identify the user’s intention to give the appropriate response. Once the purpose is specified, your second task begins. After pinpointing this, the chatbot must respond with the relevant answer. It can be with a predefined generic text, data retrieved, etc. 

Softaculous– Easy App Installation

Softaculous is a one-click installer that enables a reseller to quickly install web applications to your hosting web account. With the help of this tool, you can add as many applications as you want within seconds and get your desired software. You can advance your security layer, too, and protect your hosting account from malware or viruses. So, for a Linux Reseller Web Hosting business in India, this is the best tool you can get, and Hostbillo offers it with your package.


Managing a Linux Reseller Web Hosting business in India is relatively easy. You need to know enough knowledge about tools. The tools mentioned in the article are excellent for handling your business and providing maxim help to grow it. You can easily manage your business with them. 

Also, hosts like Hostbillo offer Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting services in India that lessen the burden on your shoulders by providing reliable facilities. It is a well-known hosting provider that delivers maximum support and cost-effective hosting packages. The host also provides 24*7 customer support and a 99.90% network uptime guarantee. So, Hostbillo will be a reliable host if you are looking for flexible and scalable hosting services.

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