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Best 10 Platforms to Host Metaverse Events

Live metaverse events take place. They allow attendees to engage with the content, develop new skills, and network with their colleagues. Websites can assist you in organizing an event. This article looks at ten websites and platforms that can be used to host a metaverse event.

A list of the top 10 platforms for hosting metaverse events in 2023

1. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is an excellent metaverse game development companies platform. It alters how people see events and interact with the outside environment. Customers can discover new worlds in virtual reality, making them distinctive. Custom events, immersive experiences, and interactive installations are all available. The system is ideal for metaverse gatherings. It can host virtual reality conferences, concerts, and product launches.

This platform includes various features that are useful for virtual events. One-on-one and group networking, live chat, and business card swaps are among the elements. Live polls, tests, Q&As, and competitions are all possible on the Dreamcast. True. AI matchmaking enables people with similar goals to call and video chat with potential mates in real-time.

2. Adaptika

Adaptika can host your virtual event. Unlike previous systems, Adaptika does not necessitate any downloads or installations. It includes several features to assist event organizers and guests.

You can have town hall meetings, speeches, conferences, and graduation ceremonies. All delegates are welcome to attend live breakout sessions, team-building exercises, and private meetings. The virtual setting of the Adaptika is customizable, allowing you to market the event on billboards and video walls around your MetaVerse.

This platform can monitor user activity, top sessions, peak hours, downtime, and attendance. With Adaptika, you can sell and organize events worldwide, boosting your global reach.

3. Airmeet

Airmeet facilitates virtual conferences and events by connecting users with other attendees.

It’s a well-known virtual event platform. The platform is appropriate for seminars, town halls, and meetings and supports parallel sessions. You can invite up to 10,000 people to attend a large virtual gathering. Live streaming is possible on Facebook and YouTube. The features include a virtual dinner hall, table conversation, and screen-sharing. Airmeet makes it simple to plan, host, and attend virtual meetings and conferences, allowing anybody to organize metaverse events.

4. Almond Virtex

Virtual Event Platform: Virtex VIRTEX allows brands, organizations, and institutions to create virtual events. Users can share their experiences and discuss their interests. For corporations and developers, Almond is an excellent event-hosting platform.

Training, conferences, exhibitions, R&R exhibits, community activities, and launch events are all possible. This platform is simple to use, adaptable, and safe. VIRTEX improves ROI by leveraging data and analytics.

Almond Virtex allows you to personalize your event using various avatars and environments. The event features a chat system, allowing guests to communicate anytime. Immersion is also appealing.

5. Next Meet

You can handle remote working issues with your WFH team from faraway places with NextMeet. It enables students, learners, and employers to organize virtual events and interact in 3D environments. A metaverse event can be hosted via Next Meet. Our online events can draw people from all over the world. Launches, lectures, and tradeshows could all take place on the platform. You can schedule a free demo to see how Next meet, one of the best websites for arranging corporate metaverse events, operates.

Like any other platform, avatars can communicate with one another and with corporations, and expo displays can display the brand logo. A support helpline, a chat room, and event networking are all included.

6. MootUp

MootUp is an excellent application for hosting virtual events in the metaverse. 3D worlds may now be accessed on laptops, cellphones, and VR headsets thanks to advancements in the platform’s 3D web technology.

You can hold virtual conferences, team-building exercises, and product debuts using Mootup. Event planning does not necessitate a large corporation. You may easily plan and customize an event for your healthcare, education, non-profit, or other industry. It makes no difference whether you utilize our cutting-edge features or Zoom. MootUp provides “all-in-one” 3D experiences for your audience.

7. Breakroom

The breakroom’s user-friendly platform makes it simple to host activities. Your audience is immersed in a 3D virtual environment that is logically laid out and stimulates social and physical presence.

Breakroom aims for total immersion. Visitors can walk through the virtual event area, attend lectures, visit exhibit booths, and network with other attendees. Breakroom allows you to customize the environment and user experience, opening new possibilities not possible with traditional 2D platforms and real-world events. The event, setting, and branding can all be altered. You can also track event analysis by following the course of the event. In our avatar-driven virtual world, spatial audio fosters unplanned networking.

8. Video Meet 

Video Meet, like Zoom, supports video conferencing. Users can host webinars, screen-share, record meetings, live stream, share papers, and build waiting rooms.

This is an excellent location for metaverse events. People can engage digitally and in person, just as on any other platform. This platform allows you to personalize and place your brand’s logo.

Users can connect and chat more naturally in the metaverse than in any other online meeting program. Visit discover more about video hosting, go to their website.

9. EventX

EventX organizes successful gatherings. EventsX streamlines the tasks of event managers. You can use this program to host a dynamic online event. They may interact meaningfully, just as they would during a live event. They’ve developed technologies to assist you in planning interactive online events. The venue of EventsX can be customized by event organizers. It provides AI-based analysis, data science-based reports, flexibility, adaptability, and scalability to manage a wide range of events, particularly those that require a visible presence.

10. Buzzlogic

Buzzlogic can be utilized to maximize the impact of an event. This focuses on a specific audience while staying within your budget and selecting the optimal place. It aids in the promotion of your company’s operations and products. Encourage interaction and participation.

It provides solutions for event customization, moderation, and networking. Your audience will also appreciate an interactive environment where they can give presentations and network. Buzzlogic’s free trial includes three different bundle options. Custom metaverse event packages, meeting/workshop, and conference event packages are all available.

Wrapping it Up

The thrill of the metaverse is all around us. This technology can be beneficial, particularly for business workers. The $800 million valuation of the metaverse in 2024 demonstrates its size.

The “avatar” elements of the metaverse enable users to communicate, conduct commerce, and form connections. Consider the internet in virtual reality. Metaverse events are a fun way to get your message out there. The guide includes a list of ten host platforms for your event.

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