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How to play as Fuse in Apex Legends!

Fuse is the Assault Class Legend introduced in Season 8, where players all around the world have a chance of unlocking him and keeping him permanently in Season 20 if the required set of objectives have been completed or met. He is an Explosives specialist, and his perks allow him to carry two stacks of ordinances per inventory slot without giving up additional inventory space.

You can either use your real-life money to buy cheap Apex coins or you can hone your skills in real-time and do your best to complete the objectives and unlock this explosive Legend.

Fuse’s Abilities

Since Fuse is an explosives specialist, he is designed for aggressive gameplay where his kit comprises the following abilities: 

Grenadier (Passive Ability):- You can stack an extra grenade per inventory slot and fire grenades farther, faster, and more accurately using his bionic arm.

Knuckle Cluster (Tactical Ability):- You get to launch a cluster bomb that continuously deals a small burst of damage, and you will get two charges for this ability.

Motherlode (Ultimate Ability):- You get to Launch a bombardment that encircles a target in a wall of flame. All targets within this sphere will be highlighted in red, allowing you to track them seamlessly through walls.

With the introduction of the Legend Upgrades in Season 20, Fuse has the following Legend Upgrades that enhance its effectiveness in the game: 

Level 2 Upgrades (Attained when Blue EVO is used on the Legend)

Walk it Off: Ignore slow and 50% damage from Ult.

Big Bang: See nearby ordnance through walls and on deathboxes.

Level 3 Upgrades (Attained when Purple EVO is used on the Legend)

Wreckless: Take 25% less explosive damage.

Explosive: Short speed boost on successful Knuckle Cluster hit.

For optimal results, we recommend you pick up Walk it Off and Explosive as your primary perks for upcoming games. 

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How to properly use Fuse

Anyone who has unlocked Fuse as their Apex Legend knows that they will be using this legend as a trump card for their matches against opponents from all over the world. But what moves do you want to use in a match to make it to the top?

Firstly, spam his Tactical Ability, Knuckle Duster, where your chances of earning free EVO are increased and place you on a pedestal in a one-on-one fight against any random opponent. As the round goes further, your chances of 1v1 are decreased but that gives you an ample amount of time to gather all the grenades and explosives, where you can force enemy players to be pressured and force them to move, creating immense pressure while delivering a multitude of damage.

Lastly, use his Ultimate Ability, Motherload, to take control of the grounds and anyone caught in the crossfire would regret coming face-to-face against you. If you want to buy more skins or weapons for the Legend, you should be sure to visit the Apex store where a multitude of bonuses will be offered to you, and with Season 20 in the limelight, you may get the chance to unlock Wraith’s Exclusive Skin!

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