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10 Online Criminal Justice Degrees (2024)

Explore options for an affordable online criminal justice degree with this thorough guide, detailing top schools, costs, and many tips to save on tuition. Online Criminal Justice Degrees

When looking for affordable options. Today, a lot of students are choosing online programs as an affordable way to get their degrees.

An affordable online criminal justice degree is a popular option for students who want to work in law enforcement, correctional, or legal studies.

We will look at some of the most respectable and affordable schools in the nation that provide these courses.
List of Affordable Criminal Justice Degrees Onlinel
It has never been easier to pursue a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in the digital world we live in. Ten respectable institutions that provide affordable online programs in this discipline are listed below.

California State University, San Bernardino

  1. California State University, San Bernardino, offers an accelerated and flexible online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. With each semester divided into two seven-week sessions, students can complete their degrees efficiently.
    The program requires 120 credit hours for graduation, including six elective courses. The cost per semester unit is $420, making it an affordable option for those seeking to advance their careers in criminal justice.

Florida International University

  1. Florida International University provides an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, with a curriculum designed to cover essential areas of the field.

Requiring 120 credit hours for completion, students are given an affordable rate of $235.57 per credit for in-state tuition. Core courses include criminological theory, and criminal justice and the constitution, totaling 18 credits.

University of North Texas

  1. The University of North Texas offers a comprehensive online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Consisting of 40 classes, or 120 credit hours, the program is detailed and covers a wide array of criminal justice topics.

Texas residents can expect an estimated total cost of $45,700 for tuition & fees.

Students benefit from transfer credit options for faster completion and a curriculum that includes criminal law and procedure, research methods, and more, providing a well-rounded education in criminal justice.

Louisiana State University

  1. Louisiana State University offers an affordable online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.
  1. Southern New Hampshire University
    Southern New Hampshire University provides an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a flexible and student-centered approach. The program requires the completion of 120 credit hours at $330 per credit.

Students can engage with the online criminal justice club and events, enhancing their learning experience. Law enforcement training can translate up to 12 credits, and there are eight concentration options available, including cybercrime, and substance abuse.

With no set class times, students can progress through the program at their own pace.

University of Central Florida

  1. The program prepares students for careers in various high-profile criminal justice roles, including FBI agents, and homicide detectives.

Coursework delves into policy assessment, crime trend analysis, and more, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the field.

Western Carolina University

  1. Western Carolina University presents an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the field.

With a total cost of $13,937 for North Carolina residents, the program is an affordable option for those looking to advance their career. Students have the flexibility to complete the program as a minor if they choose. The curriculum covers a variety of topics, including introduction to criminology and criminal justice, and theories of crime.

Georgia State University

  1. Georgia State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, available entirely online. Students can tailor their education with two concentration options: legal studies, or crime and justice, and even opt to minor in digital criminology.

University of Colorado Denver

  1. The University of Colorado Denver features an online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, identical to its on-campus counterpart, ensuring a high-quality education.

Students can choose from three concentrations, including law enforcement, tailoring the program to their career goals. In-state students enjoy a rate of $465 per credit, with a total of 120 credit hours required to graduate.

The university’s commitment to providing an accessible and comprehensive education is evident in its online program, making it a viable option for prospective criminal justice professionals.

Liberty University

  1. The program consists of eight-week courses, totaling 120 credit hours for graduation.

Students benefit from electronic textbooks provided at no cost for all undergraduate courses, saving $800-2,000 annually.

The curriculum includes in-depth study on crisis response strategies, policy analysis, and more, preparing students for various roles within the criminal justice system.

How Much Does an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Cost?

The cost of an online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can vary widely depending on the institution.

How To Make an Online Criminal Justice Degree Affordable

To make an online criminal justice degree more affordable, prospective students should explore various financial aid options.

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a crucial step to determine eligibility for grants, loans, and work-study programs.

Potentially reducing the number of credits needed to graduate.

Is an Online Criminal Justice Degree Worth It?

Pursuing an affordable online criminal justice degree can offer a good return on investment, providing flexibility for working professionals and those with family obligations.

Graduates can find employment in various sectors, including law enforcement, corrections, legal services, and private security.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects steady growth in many criminal justice-related fields, ensuring continued demand for qualified professionals.

Considering these factors, an online criminal justice degree can be a worthwhile investment. Find an Affordable Degree in Criminal Justice Online Today Taking the step to earn an affordable online criminal justice degree opens up a world of professional possibilities.

Take the first step toward a fulfilling career in criminal justice by beginning your search right now.

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