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Everything to Get Study Visa for Canada

Canada is a country with so many colors and people from different backgrounds. Research shows that 25% of the population of Canada is of those who are immigrants from another country. Students from all over the world come and study in Canada because of its highly valued and the most affordable degree in the world. Another important reason for most people choosing to study in Canada is that the process of immigration is fast and amazing.

In this blog about learning everything to get a study visa for Canada in Punjab, Amritsar, you will learn more about why you should choose to study in Canada, the eligibility criteria to study in Canada, the requirements to study in Canada and the length and duration of study visa in Canada. Keep reading the whole blog because, in the end, we will give you the pro tips to study in Canada.

Why Choose to Study in Canada?

There are multiple reasons to study in Canada. Following are the multiple reasons why you should choose to study in Canada:

Amazing Campus Life

Campus life in Canada is super colorful for the students going from India to Canada. People from different countries and different nations come and study here. They warmly welcome newcomers to the campus. The late-night study sessions and the great opportunities await you when you move to Canada. The libraries are great because the student’s study, make notes and have great opportunities to study and work in Canada.

Multiple Immigration Opportunities

When you study in Canada, you get a degree recognized worldwide and highly appreciated worldwide. Studying in Canada also improves the probability of getting a great job in Canada, India or any other country of your choice. After getting a job in your favourite destination country, you can call your friends, family and relatives to study in Canada.

Earning While Studying

One of the great opportunities to study in Canada is that you can do a job and earn a handsome amount while studying. You cannot get a high-level job as an undergraduate, but you can surely work part-time. Many individuals from India and other countries live, study and work in Canada.

Safety Importance

Another important advantage you get to see when you move to Canada is safety. Every individual in Canada gets to enjoy and live the best life in Canada with safety. There is no threat to someone’s life, and the crime rates are almost zero.

Cultural Diversity

As discussed earlier, the population of India has great cultural diversity because 25% of its population is foreigners who migrate to Canada for various purposes. That is why you enjoy people of multiple backgrounds a lot. You can also find like-minded people in this perfect blend of various cultures.


The education system in Canada is amazing, and the affordability rate is also perfect. This affordability rate attracts most people to live their dream life without spending excess money.

Research Opportunities

There are multiple research opportunities for people from different countries. Being a part of India, you must know that it does not focus much on research etc. If you want to innovate and change this world with your modern inventions, techniques, and methodologies, you must choose to move to Canada.

A worldwide Recognized Degree

As discussed earlier, the degree you will get after studying in Canada will be worth it. You won’t regret studying in Canada because of the multiple amazing opportunities that await you after you pass out and study in Canada. You can easily get the best job in Canada and live the best life.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Study Visa for Canada in Punjab, India

The main eligibility criteria to get the study visa for Canada in Punjab, India is as follows: without meeting this criterion, you won’t be able to get the Canadian student visa.

Acceptance from Designated Institute

You must have been chosen and get the acceptance letter from the institute to which you applied. You cannot apply for a study visa until you get the acceptance letter from the university.

Proof of Funds

Another important eligibility criterion you must know is the proof of funds. Your bank statement, property, or any other document showing the evidence that the person is eligible to apply for the specified course and will live easily in Canada.

Zero Criminal Record

Living in Canada, where the criminal record is close to zero, a person with a high criminal record or even a minute crime record is not eligible to survive. The zero criminal records through the police certificate etc must be visible to tell that the person is eligible to apply for the study visa.

Healthy Individual

One important thing for the person to immigrate to Canada for study purposes is being healthy. A healthy individual is a person who is very important to live in a country like Canada to perform well with all his tasks.

Documents Requirement to Apply for Canada Student Visa

The following are the main documents that are required to apply for a student visa for Canada in Punjab, India:

Valid Passport

You must have a valid passport and a passport with an expiry of more than 3 months from the date you applied. It tells information about your travel and is very beneficial for moving to Canada.

Acceptance Letter from University in Which You Will be Studying

An acceptance letter from the university you are going to study at is very important to apply for a study visa. You cannot get a study visa until the specified institute selects you.

Bank Statement or Proof of Funds

A bank statement or proof of funds is important to get a study visa. A person with less money or not many criteria can never spend a good life studying in a foreign country due to financial issues, which might lead to an increased crime rate.

Passport Sized Photographs

You must have two passport-sized photographs with your document to apply for the study visa. It is an important document.

Recent Medical Reports

As mentioned earlier, your medical reports must be good enough. If a person does not have the proper medical records, he can not apply for a student visa to Canada from Punjab, India.

Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose or an application is the one document you must send to the higher authorities so they can know about your statement of purpose. Your application must clearly explain the whole process and why you are going to the specified country.

Recently Cleared Language Proficiency Test

If you want to apply for a student visa to study in Canada, you must have recently cleared the English or French language proficiency test. Different institutes and universities have different language proficiency tests, such as IELTS and TOEFL.
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