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Top 5 Features of Royal Washing Machine

Washing machines have brought efficiency to the laundry routine of Pakistani women. There was a time when women used to wash clothes with their hands, but washing machines have made laundry easier and more convenient. Semi-automatic washing machines are part of every small household in Pakistan. Brands like Royal Washing Machine are renowned for producing one of Pakistan’s best semi-automatic washing machines.

There are some exclusive features of the royal washing machines that make them one of the best home appliances in small households. The top 5 features of the royal washing machines are discussed below.

Royal Washing Machine is the Best Energy Saving Option 

Energy consumption is a real issue in today’s world. So finding an energy-efficient solution has become inevitable. Moreover, energy prices are continuously fluctuating in Pakistan. Royal washing machines are famous for their ability to be easily operable on low voltages. 

They consume less energy as compared to the other washing machines in Pakistan. With a powerful motor and huge capacity, the Royal Washing Machine RWM-8012T model is the best option for your household. Leyjao is offering this model of washing machine at a discounted and reasonable price. 

The cheapest royal washing machine price in pakistan is offered by leyjao. You can get exclusive discounts on various models of the Royal washing machines from leyjao. Leyjao has made it convenient and easy for you to buy household appliances as you can get these appliances in easy monthly installments from Leyjao.

Manual Control Of Water 

The manual control of water in a semi automatic washing machine makes it the best option for countries like Pakistan. Pakistan is facing water scarcity issues and conserving water is one of the major issues in Pakistan. The manual control allows you to easily control the water flow in the washing machine.

With optimal water movement in the wash drum, you can save a lot of water while doing laundry. You can control the water flow manually with ease and convenience. With better detergent diffusion and powerful wash, you can get tidy and clean clothes in a single wash. 

Cheap and Cost-Effective Option 

Price is always a concern when you are buying home appliances in Pakistan. The royal washing is the best-priced solution for middle-class homes in Pakistan. A fully automatic washing machine price in pakistan is relatively higher as compared to a semi-automatic washing machine. 

With a minimal price range, semi-automatic machines save water and energy for your home. In small households, energy is not a cheap commodity and people are worried about electricity bills when they are buying electronic appliances. The energy-efficient appliances are usually expensive and have a higher price range.

One of the best features of the royal washing machines is that they are suitable for big households with bigger family sizes. If you have a family of more than 6 people, you may require a washing machine that can wash the clothes of the whole family. The 10-kg capacity of the washing drum makes it a suitable option for large families.

Perfect Solution For Small Households 

Living in urban areas can be challenging because you have small houses and space to accommodate all your appliances and things. Royal washing machine is a twin-tub washing machine that gives you the option of a dryer in your washing machine.

If you are looking for the best laundry dryer machine price in Pakistan, it is the best possible option for small households. They can get a dryer and laundry machine at a minimal price. You do not have to worry about buying a separate dryer machine for your home. 

It requires minimal space and you can easily place this small washing machine anywhere around your home even if you are living in a small home. The plastic wash drum prevents bacterial growth and makes it a hygienic option for washing your clothes.

Easy To Move Around 

The royal washing machines are made with a plastic body which makes it easy to move around the house. If you are planning to wash clothes somewhere else other than your laundry area, you can lift this lightweight machine. The weight of the machine is around 18 to 22 kg. You do not have to hurt your back to displace the washing machine at your home. 

Moreover, it has a sleek and stylish finish which makes it a perfect home appliance for your home interior. The best part about the washing machine is that you do not have to worry about durability as these machines are made with high-quality materials. 


Royal washing machines are designed with unique features such as panel displays and ridges. This allows you to control various functions in your washing machine manually from your washing machine. You can manually control the water and delay time from the panel display. Leyjao is the best online store in pakistan that provides royal washing machines at discounted prices with easy monthly installments to your place. You just have to place the order and it will be directly delivered to your home. So do not wait and get your washing machine now!

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