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Top Benefits of a Blog for Your Business

A content marketing strategy is impossible without a blog because every company that wants to achieve SEO positioning will need to publish articles on a blog, preferably on its website.

It is common to question what a blog is for, every time it is explained that one needs to be enabled to start with a marketing strategy.

Do not worry if you also have this question, because in this article we will tell you what its benefits are.

With the publication of articles in a blog, talking about different topics related to your field, you will see yourself as an entity with authority and a lot of experience in the sector.

In this way, users interested in products or services like yours will find your content, and seeing that they are of quality, you will earn their trust.

A blog drives organic traffic to your website

One of the main answers about what a blog is for is that it helps generate organic traffic. This happens because if you create content that efficiently responds to a search intention, users will enter to read your article and may even share it with their acquaintances, thus generating greater reach.

Your SEO positioning improves

This benefit is linked to what was mentioned above, because if more organic traffic is generated, the SEO positioning of your page will benefit, as long as keywords are used.

In fact, in an SEO strategy, the creation of a blog is considered in case the business does not yet have one.

A blog is used to promote your company without being invasive

This benefit is very attractive, since currently, many users may be harassed by so much advertising around.

You can use a blog to promote your products or services, but in a non-invasive way, since it is possible to create a valuable article and strategically place a link within the text to redirect the user to your page.

Now you start getting traffic on your website but you also needed that people to stay on your website for as long as possible. Otherwise, if people get out of your web pages quickly it will increase your website bounce time.

Tips to Increase the time spent on a web page:

The time spent on a web page is used to measure engagement and to analyze whether the strategies being applied are effective.

Do you want to improve the time? We are going to give you the best advice that you can follow to optimize your website.

A good design improves the time spent on a web page

The first impression on the user is the most important thing to improve the time spent on a web page and that is why the first piece of advice to follow is to improve its design, regarding content, structure, and usability.

It is also important to avoid the constant appearance of ads, as they can be intrusive.

Meet the user’s search intent

Now the most important thing for Google is to meet the user’s search intention and satisfy their queries, in addition to this factor increasing the permanence of the website.

That is why it is advisable to place a title with a keyword that meets the search intention and a description with the same characteristics.

Constantly review your website to correct errors on time

Errors can harm the time spent on a web page because if a user enters and the page is not available or has a 404 error, they will leave immediately. Always monitor your website to correct any problem in time and know how to redirect the user.

Optimize the loading speed of your website

The loading speed directly influences the user’s permanence, because if there is a slow load, they tend to get bored quickly and leave.

To avoid this problem, it is necessary to optimize the weight of the images and videos, in addition to not having many active plugins.

This benefit is achieved in the medium and long term, because by increasing organic traffic and achieving better web positioning, users interested in what you offer will find you faster and, consequently, you will have a greater chance of conversion.

At Digital Specialist we help you achieve these objectives. Contact us to give you better advice.

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