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Tips to Recover Successfully After a Laser Eye Surgery

Imagine opening your eyes and seeing the world more clearly than before. That, too, without wearing any glasses or contact lenses! Never needing them anymore in the future is certainly worth a little effort. With laser eye surgery, you can easily improve your vision.

After laser eye surgery in Adelaide, your eyes will be sensitive to irritation and allergies. It is very important to give them some rest for recovery. Now, let’s find some effective recovery tips after laser eye surgery.

Recovery Tips Post Laser Eye Surgery

Here are some effective recovery tips after laser eye surgery that one must follow for a successful and faster recovery.

1. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

You should strictly avoid touching or rubbing your eyes in the first week after surgery. Also, provide a window for your eyes to heal on their own naturally. You will receive goggles which you are supposed to wear in the first few nights, even while sleeping.

2. Refrain from Activities That Lead to Eye Strain

After 24 – 48 hours from your eye surgery, consider refraining from activities that can result in eye strains. Here are some of the activities which you must strictly avoid:

· Usage of smartphones

· Usage of computers

· Watching television

· Playing video games

· Reading books or magazine

3. Wear Sunglasses or Hats When Outdoors

Post-surgery, your eyes will be quite sensitive to bright sources of light. Therefore, consider wearing a hat and sunglasses while going outdoors. Also, consider staying away from bright indoor lights as well.

4. Use Prescribed Eye Drops or Medicines

It is mandatory to use the prescribed eye drops and medicines as part of the recovery process. Be careful while applying eye drops as your doctor prescribes and with clean hands.

5. Keep Your Follow-Up Appointments

Orthopaedic surgeons in Adelaide recommend follow-up visits after eye surgery to better understand medicinal reactions with your eyes and alter the prescribed medicines if necessary.

Burnside Hospital in Adelaide offers excellent post-surgery care and ensures its patients’ best quality of life. Many ophthalmologists in this hospital have a sub-speciality and are actively involved in the latest research work and technological advances.

6. Avoid Playing Any Sports

After laser eye surgery, avoid any intense sports activity and strictly avoid swimming for at least a month. Please refrain from entering dusty environments as it can lead to itchiness in your eyes.

Laser eye surgery is a lifesaver for those with severe visual issues, but post-surgery abnormalities can arise in the recovery process. Hence, these were tips for a faster recovery after laser eye surgery in Adelaide. Your doctor can suggest additional recovery tips, which you must consider following.

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