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5 Ways In Which A Car Dashboard Camera Helps In Case Of An Accident

If you found an affordable video recording device that can capture your key moments and give you a clear account of everything in case of an accident, would you consider buying it? To your knowledge, such devices are already there in the market.

Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, are technologically advanced cameras mounted on a vehicle’s windshield. Among their many benefits, they have become a critical tool in debunking the events of an accident.

Five ways in which the best car dash camera in India can help you in case of an accident include:-

a. Evidence Collection

To improve the efficiency of law enforcement, the Apex Court observes that electronically recorded videos are admissible in any court in India. A dash cam records the entire incident, including the moments leading to the accident. It captures clear footage without biases, providing valuable evidence in determining fault and liability. The footage is also crucial in determining each party’s action and the events leading to the accident.

Dash cams usually timestamp the recorded footage, providing solid evidence and an accurate record of when the accident took place. This timestamp also serves as important evidence, especially when establishing the timeline of events and determining liability. 

b. Accurate Documentation of Events

Memories fade, and details are forgotten and distorted over time. The biggest limitation of eyewitness testimony is that humans have memory limitations, and subjective interpretation occurs when relying on eyewitnesses. Dash cams are the most effective way to hold solid and non-biased evidence for a long time.

They provide detailed visual information about an accident. They also have a high resolution that can capture scenes, road conditions, weather conditions and other relevant factors that could have led to the accident. 

c. Enhanced Possibilities of Insurance Claim

You can settle the average insurance claim within months. In complex cases with disputes over liability, it can take years before a fair settlement. To avoid these draining processes, you can provide objective evidence of the accident using a dashboard camera.

They provide sufficient evidence to speed up the insurance claim process. They also have clear footage of what happened and have a timestamp for backup. Insurance companies can access the footage safely stored in an SD card, which can help expedite the compensation.

d. First-Hand Witness to Hit-And-Run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are frustrating, but more disappointing is that you have nobody to question. The responsible party for the egregious act flees the scene and leaves you with no answer to the police and your insurer. So how does a dash cam work in such instances? With a dash cam, you must review what happened and who did it.

Digital dash camera for cars have a parking mode that continues to record even when you are not around. They also come with a 360-degree survey of any action that occurs to your car and send an instant notification in your mobile app. Dashcams can help you capture the perpetrator’s license plate and the events that led to the accident. 

e. Bona Fide Evidence of Crash Reports

In an accident where police do not respond to the scene, a dash cam serves as the primary source of documentation of the accident. It captures the incident in real time and provides clear visual evidence and details to help report an accident. They provide an unbiased account of what transpired, record it in an SD card, and help corroborate your claim when there is no rash report.

Dashcams are affordable but provide immense benefits to users. Whether you want to protect yourself from hit-and-run perpetrators or want to fast-track the evidence collection, dash cams are reliable and accurate.

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