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Reasons of Modular Construction Popularity

According to a study conducted recently, the global market for modular construction is growing rapidly recently. It’s a great incentive for anyone who wants to invest in the sector.

Modular construction uses prefabricated or controlled-environment modules to build homes, offices, businesses, and more. These structures are usually made from steel but can also be made out of wood, fiberglass, or concrete.

This method can be used to implement different projects, reducing the time and cost associated with labor and materials.

Modular construction is also a method that allows for the creation of projects with different styles and functions. Modular construction is also characterized by its versatility.

What’s the difference between traditional and modular construction?

It is rare to find a completely traditional project. Modern constructions combine the best of both the old and the new, allowing architects to design projects that are beautiful, functional, and comfortable while meeting the individual needs of their clients.

Traditional architecture is embracing modular architecture. Both create spaces where functional elements are highlighted in the most diverse spaces.

Some top benefits of modular construction:

For those looking to renovate or build, modular construction offers many advantages. Here are some of the benefits!

Less environmental pollution

Installation of modules has a low environmental impact, as it does not require the construction of structures like foundations, walls, and slabs.

The place where the structure is assembled will be cleaner and better organized than traditional projects.

Modular projects do not disturb the soil and preserve the natural vegetation. The permeability, groundwater, and springs are all preserved.

Accident Reduction

Modular construction is safer and more comfortable because it requires less labor. This reduces accidents.

Speed up

Modular construction can be done quickly, as it eliminates many steps at the construction site. For example, preparing concrete and building walls and foundations.

The modules are ready to be installed on the field. Just connect them to the hydraulic and electrical network. So, the weather or other common obstacles will not affect the completion.

Modular construction can be faster than traditional ones, as the structures are already assembled at the assembly site.

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation of modular construction projects offers residents great comfort, as well as reduces the time required for construction.

Materials used to construct the interior walls are fireproof and improve acoustic isolation.

The modular construction of these projects is extremely hermetic. This guarantees their efficiency. The energy bill will be lower due to less use of air conditioners and electric fans.

Easy Maintenance

Modules are easy to maintain and can be cleaned every 3 to 6 years depending on the usage. It is important to apply the right products and polish each surface.

The modular design, which is designed to accommodate constant traffic conditions, allows for local road lines. Also, roads and viaducts meet in the middle of the terminal and two structures are on either side.

Material logistics made easy

It is also important to mention the logistical advantages of modular construction. You know that in traditional construction, different materials are delivered and prices can fluctuate a lot between deliveries.

This can lead to work being stopped due to a lack of raw materials.

Modular construction allows you to connect the modules as they arrive on site. Say goodbye to delays and worries!

It is worth noting that the this construction process is a great way to reduce waste material, something that is common with traditional projects.

You don’t need to worry about bricks and cement quality, or about purchasing too little or too much material.

Customized Projects

Modular construction also offers the advantage of tailor-made designs, meaning that each project is made specifically for the client.

The delivery can be scaled up or down to meet space and budget needs. You’ve seen that this construction has many advantages.

Also, It reduces costs and leads time. It also allows for structures to be expanded or contracted at any time and to even operate temporarily in one location to meet a particular demand.

Modular architecture allows for the addition or replacement of any module, without affecting other modules.

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