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Frankfurt Getaways: Explore & Escape!   

Frankfurt is one of the major European banking and finance centers. Many students come here to pursue their education and search for the best student accommodation Frankfurt. Six universities add wings to many students’ dreams. Over 1,00,000 students come here to explore the culture, the city, and the neighboring places. The city’s skyline adds to the beauty as many skyscrapers are standing tall. Frankfurt is also one of the world’s busiest airports and one of Germany’s largest ones. As the population over here is increasing, Frankfurt has turned into the fifth-largest city in Germany. Though there is a wide range of places to see over here, students can explore the neighboring cities over the weekends. The list is long. However, we have covered 5 of the top destinations where you can go to add memories to your uni life.


When we were kids, everyone was a fan of fairy tales written by the Grimm Brothers. Every single kid has heard about him. The town of Hanau is located in the east of Frankfurt. And if you still love fairy tales, then you will be glad to know that Hanau is the birthplace of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The best time to visit this place is to enjoy the celebration of the Brothers Grimm festival. Here you can rediscover your childhood. The best time to visit is July-August or December-January. Go to Hanau Historical Museum and Goldsmith House for an extravagant experience. This is the perfect place to check out when you are bored at your student accommodation Frankfurt.


Another fantastic place where you can go on the weekend is Strasbourg. The beauty of driving through Germany is that you will not be able to sleep during the journey. You will be spellbound with some fantastic locations on the way. The town is tucked away on an international border and thus you can see a blend of cultures. It is one of the places to visit on a weekend to enjoy both German and French hospitality. The best time to visit is June to November. When you are here do not forget to visit the Cathedral-Notre-Dame. 


If you love romantic getaways away from student accommodation Frankfurt, then hop on the train and reach this mesmerizing Heidelberg. This city is known for its unspoiled medieval charm and pleasant weather. The pedestrian-downed streets can make it quite easy to explore on foot. If you are looking for a secluded place or an offbeat destination in the town, then heading to this beautiful place can allure you. The charming natural surroundings are something that will make you fall in love. If you have a partner, then don’t forget to tag them along. The best time to visit this place is from April to September. However, you can avoid going in June and July. Some of the best places over here are Universitat Platz, Heiliggeistkirche church, and Bibliotheca Palatina Library. 


Cochem is just 2 hours from the west of Frankfurt. It is one of the small picturesque towns where you can click numerous photos. Yes, the town is postcard perfect as you can get a view of half-timbered houses which give a vibe of authenticity. This place is situated in the Mosel-River value and there is more to this hamlet than meets the eye. All those who love the thrill in life can go to Pinnerkreuz Mountain. In this place, you can indulge in a little bit of trekking. If you want to explore this place then must visit here from June to August. This is the time when Cochem is at its peak beauty. When you are here, go to Schloss Reichsburg castle, Pinnerkreuz Mountain, and other such places. 


Another fantastic location to visit, Baden-Baden is really beautiful. This amazing place is located opposite the area of Strasbourg. It is a perfect place if you want therapy. The therapeutic water, the hot thermal springs, and the Roman baths will calm your mind and relax your body completely. Once you will go here, you will like to visit again and again. There is a black forest that has several stories and legends attached to it. The forest over here is laden with hiking paths, and winter sports activities that can keep you engaged. You can get refreshed with one of these ideal places to visit near Frankfurt. The best time to visit this place is in June, July, and August. The place is ideal for students.

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