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Know when, why, and how to wear red coral

Moonga, also called red coral, is a stunning natural stone with a bright red hue.Instead of a gemstone, it is a scarce type of wood that develops in the ocean depths from living creatures known as Corallium Rubrum or coral polyps.

Moonga is one of the nine sacred stones in the Navratna group and has a high spiritual and astrological value. It represents the auspicious planet Mars or Mangal Grah, and astrologers suggest this stone to people who seek good health, and success in sports, politics, business, and other leadership roles. It is a stone of vitality, energy, and physical strength, and it defies common beliefs that it is a gemstone.

Astrological benefits of wearing red coral

Moonga, or red coral, is a precious and rare gift from the seas of Asia and Italy. It is ruled by Mars, or Mangal Grah, the planet of energy and passion. It fills the stone or the wearer with confidence, helping them overcome their foes or adversaries. It also has astrological and healing benefits, especially related to its governing planet Mars.

Moonga or red coral symbolizes vitality, power, and aspiration. This sacred stone also helps in removing or reducing the Manglik dosh from a person’s horoscope. It calms down temperamental and anger issues to improve interpersonal relations.

Moonga Ratna gives a person drive, and affianced ciency and helps them achieve their dreams or aspirations. It also influences its wearer as a person, shaping their personality in various ways. Red Coral is linked to the planet Mars, which gives it its vital force and makes the person brave and successful in all aspects of life. This stone’s positive energies are especially protective, guarding the wearer against Evil eyes, mental harm, and enemies of all sorts. Also, this lucky stone offers strong protection against the evil eye and black magic.

Which Zodiac can wear red coral?

Generally, red coral is not suitable for all people. Therefore, it is wise to consult a skilled astrologer before wearing this stone. You should wear red coral if your ascendant is Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Pisces. However, you should avoid wearing it if your zodiac is Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, or Aquarius, as it may have some unfavorable planetary effects on your daily life.

How To Wear Red Coral

To get the most benefits from this stone, you need to know how to energize red coral. Here are some tips on how to wear red coral for maximum benefits.

When you want to buy natural red coral online, you should only get it from a trusted gem seller. Also, the stone should be of high quality, as wearing a fake or low-quality stone will not give you any benefits. Also, you should consult an astrologer before wearing this stone, as only they can advise you if red coral is compatible with you according to the placement of Mars in your natal chart.

After getting the stone, choose the best day to wear it. According to astrologers, the best day to wear a moonga stone is Tuesday.

Sit on a red or crimson mat or cloth facing your back to the east. Don’t forget to immerse the ring in Ganga Jal or sacred water before putting it on. A red coral stone ring’s effectiveness may be limited because it has various harmful elements. Therefore, dipping the ring in the holy Ganges water cleanses all impurities attached to the stone.

Put the ring on a piece of red cloth, and before wearing it, light five incense sticks and chant ‘Om Ang Angarkay Namah’ 108 times before wearing this stone.

Red Coral Wearing Day and Time

Tuesday, during the sunrise or Shukla Paksha (growing moon), is the best day to wear red coral. Also, to wear this stone correctly and get the best results, you should wear orange clothes and offer marigold flowers to the deity in a temple or at home. Moreover, red coral works best when set with a gold or rose gold ring or pendant.

Before putting it on, immerse your red coral ring or pendant in a blend of fresh cow milk, Gangajal, butter, curd, and ghee and keep it close to Lord Hanuman’s feet to seek his grace and wish for the fulfillment of the goal for which you are wearing the ring. The ring should then be worn right away on the right-hand right index finger and should only be removed while attending a funeral.

Wrapping Up

Moonga, or red coral, is a rare and sacred stone that has many benefits for those who wear it. It is associated with the planet Mars, which gives it its fiery energy and passion. It can help people overcome obstacles, achieve success, and protect themselves from harm. However, not everyone can wear this stone, as it depends on their zodiac sign and the position of Mars in their birth chart. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an astrologer before wearing this stone and follow the proper rituals to energize it. By wearing red coral in the right way, one can enjoy its positive effects and live a happy and prosperous life.

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