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What are Clever Ways to Use Text Messaging

Currently mobile text messaging is a hot topic and a very effective method of marketing for emerging as well as existing brands and businesses. With nearly everyone owning a smartphone, it’s no wonder that text messaging has become one of the most popular forms of communication. Businesses have recognized the importance of text messaging as well, and have started using it as a tool to engage with their customers. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some clever ways to use text messaging for your business.

Why do customers opt for brand’s text messages?

Before understanding the methods of text message marketing we should understand why consumers opt for  brand’s text messages. Consumers usually opt for a company’s text message for discounts, coupons, personal alerts, being in the loop, more meaningful content, so as to avoid the need of visiting physically. 

Methods of using text messages marketing effectively.

1. Appointment Reminders

One of the most effective ways to use text messaging for your business is by sending appointment reminders to your clients. Whether you’re a doctor, a dentist, or a hairdresser, sending a friendly text message to remind your clients of their upcoming appointments can help reduce no-shows and increase customer satisfaction.

2. Promotions and Discounts

Another clever way to use text messaging for your business is by sending promotions and discounts to your customers. By offering exclusive deals to your loyal customers, you can increase customer retention and loyalty. Additionally, by sending time-sensitive promotions via text message, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage your customers to take action.

3. Customer Service

Text messaging can also be a great tool for customer service. By offering customer support via text message, you can provide a quick and convenient way for your customers to get in touch with you. This can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers appreciate businesses that are responsive and easy to communicate with.

4. Surveys and Feedback

Text messaging can also be used to conduct surveys and gather feedback from your customers. By sending a quick text message survey after a customer’s interaction with your business, you can gather valuable insights into your customers’ experience and make improvements accordingly.

5. Order Updates

If you run an ecommerce business, text messaging can be a great way to keep your customers updated on the status of their orders. By sending automated text messages when an order is received, shipped, and delivered, you can provide your customers with real-time updates and improve their overall experience.

6. Event Invitations

Finally, text messaging can also be used to send event invitations to your customers. Whether you’re hosting a sale, a webinar, or a networking event, sending a text message invitation can be a great way to increase attendance and engagement.

6. Slides from presentation

Presentations and slideshows are one of the best methods of explaining something to someone. Brands can send a text message with a call to action that can take consumers to their presentation. it is easier for the consumers to access the information and provides more engagement. 

7. Launching a new product

If you don’t want your customers to miss your new product launch, make use of SMS marketing and see the progress.Stats have shown that SMS marketing brings more sales and engagement when used during a new product launch. 

SMS Marketing Campaigns: Cautions to Keep in Mind

1. Obtain Consent

Before sending any marketing messages, it is essential to obtain explicit consent from your customers. The consent should be obtained in a way that is clear and transparent, and the customer must be informed of what they are consenting to receive. You can obtain consent through opt-in forms on your website or in-store, or by sending a message that asks the customer to reply with a specific keyword to opt-in.

2. Be Clear and Concise

SMS messages are limited to 160 characters, so it is essential to keep your message concise and to the point. Make sure your message is clear and easy to understand, so the recipient knows exactly what you are offering. Use straightforward language and avoid using jargon or technical terms that the customer might not understand.

3. Timing is Everything

Timing is crucial when it comes to SMS marketing campaigns. It’s important to consider the recipient’s time zone and avoid sending messages at inappropriate times, such as early morning or late at night. Make sure your messages are timely and relevant, so they are more likely to be well-received.

4. Opt-Out Option

Every SMS marketing message must include an opt-out option that allows customers to unsubscribe from your messages. This opt-out option must be easy to find and use, such as by replying with the word “STOP.” Make sure that you respect the opt-out requests immediately and remove the customer from your marketing list.

5. Privacy Matters

Privacy is an essential consideration when it comes to SMS marketing. Make sure that you are collecting and storing customer data securely and only use it for marketing purposes. Avoid sharing customer data with third parties, and make sure that you comply with relevant privacy regulations.

6. Respect the Customer

Your SMS marketing campaign should be respectful of your customers. Avoid using excessive capital letters, exclamation points, or emojis, as they can come across as aggressive or spammy. Make sure your message is relevant and useful to the customer, and avoid sending too many messages too often.


In conclusion, text messaging can be a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their customers. By using text messaging for appointment reminders, promotions and discounts, customer service, surveys and feedback, order updates, and event invitations, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase engagement, and ultimately drive revenue.

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