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How To Manifest Love Into Your Life

Love is one of the most basic human needs. While unconditional love is optimal for babies, conditional love is better than no love at all. We’re no different; receiving a love that is, at the very least, semi-unconditional can prove to be the best support structure for our growth in more ways than one. And we can only get this love with a Romantic Partner. No other love can be so open and accepting of us – inversely, true romantic love should be wholly accepting of all of us.

But with the lifestyles we lead today, it can be challenging to find and bring that kind of love into our lives. This is why many people today want to learn How To Manifest Love, only to realize later that you also need to know how to keep that love with you.

The Most Important Part Of Manifesting Love

Manifesting love will only work if you first begin with this very important exercise – Self Love. Before you’re ready to manifest love, you should love yourself and invest in a lot of self-love, which is taking care of yourself, slowly but steadily shutting down your inner critic, budding confidence and self-esteem and investing time and even money in yourself.


For some of us who’ve had a difficult childhood or were extensively critiqued growing up, showing self-love can be tough. It can often feel utterly selfish and even like it’s the most challenging thing to do. Yet, it is necessary.

Consequently, you should learn how to love yourself before you learn How To Manifest Love. This way, you will be able to attract the love that is worthy of you, and you will be able to keep it for a long time to come.

How To Love Yourself?

Loving yourself may, at first, seem difficult, but with time, it will be as natural as your inner voice. You can do the following as a form of self-care which will eventually help you love yourself.

  • First and foremost, stop comparing yourself. Be it an actress, a model, your sibling or even your friend!
  • Stop caring what anyone else is going to think. This is not a chance to be rude or offensive, but simply to be able to express yourself without caring about judgement.
  • Accept your mistakes as you would happily and with love, accept your significant other, sibling or friends when they make mistakes, and show the same compassion for yourself.
  • Find value in yourself! Society today teaches us to find value only in our looks, and you should learn to look beyond that. As long as you’re growing as a person, learning and showing empathy to those around you, you’re valuable.
  • Believe it or not, family and friends can often be quite toxic. You need to detoxify these people out of your life so you can be at peace.
  • You should always validate your feelings without judgment. Whether you should act on them or not requires careful thought, but they should be accepted nevertheless.

Learn What Makes A Relationship Healthy

Only knowing the healthy boundaries and aspects of a relationship will help you stay together, and that too, happily. Here’s what you should always remember:

  • Respect is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. You should respect each other and build a healthy foundation for your relationship to grow.
  • Likewise, trust is equally important. Constant doubts and putting the other person to the test are not how a healthy relationship works. We owe our confidence to our partners until they prove they cannot be honest. Additionally, trust helps you to allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of your partner.
  • Honesty is another important characteristic that both parties in a relationship should practice. Honesty doesn’t mean coughing up every single secret; it means to be honest with each from here on out.
  • Learn how to communicate with healthy boundaries. Speak out about your problems and solve them rather than fight about them. Don’t wait for problems to escalate until there’s no option but to fight it out.

Other than the above-mentioned, compromise, intimacy, respect for individuality, controlling anger and fair fights when they happen is significant too. Don’t forget mutual empathy, as it can help you navigate the relationship with much ease.

How To Manifest Love? | Writing & Journaling

Writing is a great way to manifest. You can take a piece of paper and begin writing the qualities of the person you want to attract. You can make it into a numbered list or a paragraph of what you want your ideal partner to have. Make these characteristics as healthy as you can so that when you do attract them, you will have a peaceful relationship. You can keep this paper in your drawer or your pockets or even put it in your journal.

Some people also believe that sleeping with it under the pillow might help, but it does not seem as logical.

You can also journal to manifest and attract your ideal love. As you journal, you can write about how you want your relationship to be, how you solve conflicts, what you do together to spend time, etc. This will create a change within yourself while also helping you attract a healthy relationship that you will already know how to maintain and grow into something that will last a lifetime.


You can manifest the ideal love of your life, but if you don’t love yourself, it might never come to fruition. The key is to manifest that you’re lovable and deserving of healthy and true love, and you can only do that by loving yourself.

If you’re already on a healthy self-love journey, use this video from Girls Nite Live to learn how to manifest love. While you’re there, do check out how to manifest weight loss, recipes, and plenty of life lessons.

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