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ISRO Exam Syllabus: General Knowledge and Current Affairs


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) administers a variety of exams to find exceptional people to join its famous organisation. The general knowledge and current affairs component of these tests is one of the most important. This essay seeks to give a thorough description of the General Knowledge and Current Affairs sections of the ISRO exam syllabus 2023.

General knowledge and current events are important in the ISRO exam.

In the ISRO exam, general knowledge and current events are crucial. These tests assess the candidates’ contextual awareness, historical knowledge, scientific knowledge, and capacity for in-depth analysis of current events. The ISRO verifies that the applicants have a broad knowledge base and are up to date on the most recent breakthroughs in numerous domains by testing these components.

General Knowledge Syllabus

Candidates should concentrate on the following subjects in order to do well in the general knowledge segment of the ISRO exam:


  • Indian history in antiquity
  • Indian history through the ages
  • Indian history today
  • global history


  • Geographical terrain
  • geography of India
  • global geography
  • ecological geography

 India’s Politics and Government

  • Constitution of India
  • India’s political structure and administration
  • Indian public administration
  • current political issues in India

Technology and Science

  • Physics Chemistry Biology
  • Information science and technology in space

Ecology and the Environment

  • Environmentally conscious
  • Conservation and biodiversity
  • Global warming and climate change
  • Environmental projects and policies
  • curriculum for current events

The ISRO exam’s current affairs portion aims to assess candidates’ familiarity with current affairs. The following subjects are covered on the course syllabus for this section:

Current National Events

  • Indian budget and the economy
  • Government programmes and initiatives
  • Indian social and cultural advancements
  • significant national accomplishments and events

Worldwide Current Events

  • Worldwide financial system and global organisations
  • Diplomatic relations on a global scale
  • Summits and international events
  • Partnerships between countries in science and technology
  • Science and technology 

Current Events

  • Advances and discoveries in science recently
  • Advances and space missions
  • Technological advancements
  • Investigation and creation

Awards and Sports Current Events

  • Major sporting competitions and events
  • Accolades, both national and international
  • Sports figures and accomplishments

 Public Programmes and Policies

  • Leading government initiatives
  • Societal welfare initiatives
  • Policies and changes in the economy
  • Initiatives in health and education

Preparedness Tps

Take into account the following advice to effectively prepare for the general knowledge and current affairs areas of the ISRO exam:

Keep informed: Read reputable web sources, newspapers, and periodicals to stay current on the newest events.

Create a note: To edit effectively, make brief notes on significant issues, occasions, and important details.
Practise tests For better knowledge and time management, finish previous practice exams and exam papers.

Examine recent events: By examining how current events affect society, the economy, and scientific developments, you may better understand their context and relevance.

Participate in forums: Discuss topics with other candidates to share expertise and learn new viewpoints.
You may improve your general knowledge and current affairs abilities by using these suggestions and setting aside consistent study time, which will improve your chances of passing the ISRO exam.


In the ISRO exam, general knowledge and current events are of utmost importance. For aspiring applicants to be eligible for various roles within ISRO, a solid foundation in these areas is essential. Candidates can increase their chances of doing well in these parts by studying the material in depth and keeping up with current affairs. Stay with me at SarkariJobResultView

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques:- For the ISRO exam, how can I strengthen my general knowledge?

Ans:- Read newspapers, books, and online resources on numerous topics to improve your general knowledge. often take practice tests and talk to other candidates.

Ques:- What percentage of the ISRO test is made up of the general knowledge and current affairs sections?

Ans:- The weighting may differ from exam to exam, but generally speaking, these sections are quite important and affect the final score.

Ques:- Are there any particular publications or websites that are suggested for researching current affairs?

Ans:- Newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express, periodicals like Pratiyogita Darpan, internet resources like PIB (Press Information Bureau), and official websites are some trustworthy sources for current affairs.

Ques:- How often should I review topics in General Knowledge and Current Affairs?

Ans:- It is advised to revise frequently, at least weekly, in order to maintain knowledge and stay up to date with the most recent developments. 

Ques:- Can I prepare for General Knowledge and Current Affairs just using internet resources?

Ans:- A combination of online and offline materials is advised to provide thorough preparation, even though internet resources are valuable.

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