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 What Advantages Does VOD Content Creators? – 2023 Updated

Well, there’s a good chance that you’re one of the millions of daily users of video-on-demand (VOD. It’s one of the most effective ways to watch videos and can be found anywhere, from online learning to entertainment. Do you want to know how the VOD platform works and why it is vital for a content creator? If so, we’re here to help. In this guide, we have explored everything you need to know about video-on-demand platforms, such as what they are, why they matter, and why you need to use them in your business.

So, What Exactly is VOD?

VOD, or video-on-demand, refers to any type of content distribution that allows viewers to choose when,  and when not to watch media. To put it another way, users can start watching a video by simply clicking on a link. 

VOD content, as opposed to traditional broadcast television, is delivered using the Internet rather than cable or satellite. You can watch if you have sufficient internet access. Some of the few examples of VoD Platforms include Netflix, YouTube, and so on.

Users can use any internet-enabled device to look for and view pre-recorded streaming content.

So, what is the benefit of video-on-demand? VOD Streaming Platform has three primary benefits. It allows viewers to reap the VOD streaming benefits.

Watch anytime they want: Users can view videos whenever they want. Unlike a “linear” television, which broadcasts only in real-time, VOD does not adhere to a set schedule.

Control what they watch: Customers have better options when it comes to what they watch when compared to traditional TV scheduling. 

Use media controls: Viewers can play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward video and have complete control over their viewing experience. They won’t miss anything this way.

With regard to all these advantages of video-on-demand, it enables viewers to access and watch content conveniently.

Why Is Video on Demand Vital for Content Creators?

People are watching online video content like never before, with 164.9 million video-on-demand subscribers predicted by 2025. It implies that video is becoming an increasingly important feature of any business, especially for content creators. And there are various reasons why VOD streaming has become so popular. Let us explore them one by one;

More opportunities for earning money

More people than ever are searching for videos on the internet. Videos, in the opinion of users, are more engaging and practical than other forms of content. 

  • 94% of marketers think watching the video has improved their awareness of a product or service.
  • 88% of respondents say that watching a brand’s video impacted their decision to buy a product or service.
  • 96% of viewers have watched a product or service explanation video to learn more about it.

Other types of content are also important, but video is gaining popularity among customers worldwide.

Greater reach and audience engagement

Video-centric businesses can now operate on their own terms. “Gatekeepers,” or people and businesses who regulate how your content is made, rule over video entrepreneurs. A TV network executive, for example, decides whether or not to shoot your program idea.

Anyone with access to the internet, a camera, and an intelligent plan can now make money by making and distributing their own video content.

Adaptability and authority over your content

Many people cancel their cable subscriptions in favor of streaming options. It’s known as “cord-cutting,” and millions of people do it. The reason for this is that VOD enables viewers to watch exactly what they are looking for.

Indeed, 77% of Americans are satisfied with the flexibility and availability of VOD, with 71% leaving cable TV because they can find the content they want online. 

Customers just get more out of VOD, especially now that they can watch content that was previously only available via cable, such as live sporting events.

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Diversifying your content approach

Never feel compelled to follow platform trends again. Developing your own VOD enables you to create content in whatever way you choose. 

Create new chances for yourself, from syndication to strategic alliances, and control your destiny. 

VOD is a true game changer for all types of content creators. It doesn’t matter whether you are a one-person show generating two excellent videos every month or a large company with multiple artists producing hundreds of hours of content each year –  you can enjoy the benefits of Video-on-Demand.

How Can a Content Creator Use VOD?

As a content creator, you can use VoD in the following ways;

# Create and upload content to VOD platforms

VOD content can be pre-recorded and uploaded to a content library. Live stream content, on the other hand, requires you to be there to see what is going on. However, a replay of the live event is possible.

The content quality is a further differentiation. VOD content needs more time, allowing creators to make errors, learn from them, and refine their work to perfection. However, live broadcasting does not permit changes or redos. All you can do is practice before the show.

# Promote your VOD content

If your video content is confined behind a membership wall, make sure you just provide enough to entice viewers to sign up. Consider giving free videos to attract people to join up for more. You can use strategies other than SEO to increase website traffic. 

# Analyze and optimize your VOD strategy

Another great thing about Video on Demand Streaming is that it allows you to analyze and optimize your VoD strategy. In addition, you no longer have to sit on your living room couch to view your favorite shows.

When commuting the bus to work, waiting for your order at the coffee shop, or traveling on a family vacation – you don’t have to miss anything.


As you can see, there are multiple benefits to using VOD streaming in 2023. VOD technology offers several benefits to content creators and distributors, ranging from better control over their work to reaching a broader audience. You can also consider using a VOD service from the finest VOD platform/top VOD platform providers to optimize your content distribution strategy.

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