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Unleash the Potential of Professional CAT Tools In Your Global Business Expansion

The emergence of CAT tools in the translation industry has revolutionized the way people have been doing translations. Especially in business translations the use of CAT tools is continuously increasing for their ability to enhance teams’ productivity and overall project speed.

There are different types of CAT tools designed for different business domains. You can use the ones that fit your requirement criteria. This post talks about the significance of CAT tools in your overall business translation project management. You can use professional CAT tools to enhance your work efficiency, and seamlessly get away with business expansion challenges.

About CAT Tools 

CAT tools are computer-aided translation tools used to generate quick translations. These tools are designed to assist professional linguists in effectively generating, managing, editing, and proofreading translations from one platform. CAT software can help growing businesses effectively execute their global translation strategy through automated translation generation and management features.

Why use CAT Tools For Translation Project Management?

If you have a professional localization platform with in-built CAT tools, you can seamlessly manage your translation workload. Below are some major perks of using CAT tools for your translation management.

Enhance Team’s Productivity

With professional CAT software, you can automate your translation processes and support your translation teams in managing more tasks in less time. You don’t have to spend time manually managing everything. Machine tools manage most of the work automatically without any human intervention. So, your translation teams don’t have to waste their precious time manually handling things; instead, they can focus only on important translation stuff.

Speed Up the Translation Process 

Because of the automated processing of translation task management, you can significantly speed up your project execution. Unlike the traditional way of managing translations, you don’t have to deal with complicated translation operations. Everything gets automated, reduces the workload from your team, and allows them to focus on more significant tasks. It also enhances your overall translation project turnaround time, and you can publish your translated content on time in target markets.

High cost-effectiveness

Some businesses consider CAT tools an added expense to their translation project. However, it is a good investment that will help you cut down your overall project cost. You don’t have to hire a dedicated team of professional translators because most of the translation work is shifted to machine tools. You only need translators for proofreading and editing your translated documents for quality improvement.

May Increase Translation Quality

Machine tools are notorious for their inconsistent and inaccurate translation, but with the help of AI technology now CAT tools are good enough to produce high-quality translation in no time. Moreover, the built-in QA tools in your CAT software can help you improve the translation quality and provide valuable suggestions to increase readability and relevance.

Some Prominent Features of CAT Tools 

CAT tools comprise some important features that go into the management of any typical translation project. Here are the four most important features that you may find in any CAT tool.

MT Tools 

If your LSPs platform contains an MT tool, it is also an example of CAT software that will help you produce an automated translation in seconds. However, the proficiency of translation engines in different language pairs may vary depending on their area of expertise.

QA Features 

Your CAT tools may contain QA features to test the quality of translations produced by automated machine translation tools. These features help you evaluate the overall quality score of each translation document, and you can make improvements based on the suggestions provided by the tool.

Translation Memory 

Most CAT tools also come with translation memory, which is a sort of database of all the previously translated documents in that particular translation tool. The translation memory dominates the results of your translations and also ensures quick translations.

Glossaries & Style Guides

If you want your translations to be consistent in all regions, no matter how many translators are working on them, you must use translation glossaries. Creating translation glossaries and style guides for your brand translations can support your translation and keep their translation tones and style consistent. It also helps you create a unified brand voice.

Final Words!

CAT tools are getting popular these days for their overall impact on your translation project management. Using advanced CAT software can help you smoothly enter a foreign market. You can always ask your language service provider to customize your CAT tool features to make them fit into your unique translation project needs.

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