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10 User Stage In Humanity To Try Out First

User stages are created by other players, and the best ones to try out first when playing Humanity are the ones made by other players.

Humanity has a story mode where players can go through stages that get harder and harder as they go. The user stages are another mode that players can use. In these stages, they can explore and play different tasks made by other players. It’s a whole different experience because there are so many choices.

A lot of players’ ideas and creativity are shown in the user rounds. Players will be amazed by the puzzles that other players have made, which can be fun, hard, or even pleasantly irritating. On Humanity, every person has the chance to make their own puzzle. These are some of the best user stages that players should check out first.

Golf With Friends

In this user stage, players have to move three rounder rocks into holes in the puzzle that are made for them. Golf with Friends is hard because the boulders can roll off the puzzle platform and some of the people led by the Shiba Inui can also fall off.

In the game, people follow the Shiba without knowing what moves they will make next. In the underground part of the game. Players have to roll one of the boulders into one of the holes. One of the holes is inside a house with a windmill. The ball can be rolled right into this hole.

Rock Is Sponge

Rock Is Sponge is a fairly easy user stage. Players have to guide people down the rocky cliff to the right place in the game. This user stage is pretty hard, and players will have to plan out the way the humans will take ahead of time.

At the start of the stage, players jump from one platform to the rocky building, following a path that has already been made. In this step, there is a goldy that will follow the people to the end point. It is the best place to play Humanity if you just want to relax and have fun.

Water Tower

The Water Tower puzzle stage is fun and easy to use. It has water columns and moving platforms for people to stand on. There are three goldies in the game, and the people are in different places.

To finish the game, the Shiba has to get the people to the top level, but players have to be careful because the people can easily fall from the water column and drown. Before they can lead people, they have to figure out where the water column begins and stops.

This user stage was featured on the PlayStation blog. It looks just like the PlayStation log. And has a wall that players can climb to reach the top. It has a start button, which means that players have to plan a route for the people before turning on the button. It only has one goldy, and players have to make sure that goldy takes the right way to the top.

Even though it’s a fun and enjoyable stage, only 8.90% of the more than 550 people who have played it have gotten through it. The humans can’t drop down between the two parts of the building because they would be attacked by a lot of people if they did.


In this user stage, the answer is right next to the problem. To pass this stage, players must build an exact copy of the answer. This stage has blocks you can move, walls you can climb, and a wall that hangs in the air. It also needs players to make a path for the people to follow and move the blocks out of the way.

It’s a fun level, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Players have to make some tricky moves to make sure they don’t get stuck or cut off their path. After players hit the start switch, the players will begin to move.

Tower Trickery

This user stage is, as the name suggests, very tricky. It is a start-switch stage that requires players to make a way for the Shiba to lead the humans. Players have to be careful not to block or cut off their way. Which they will plan inside and outside of the tower.

To get through this level, players will have to move blocks into the right places and also move the fan that will push them up the tower to meet Goldy. It’s a hard level that needs careful planning, but when it’s done, it’s satisfying.

Seven Bridges

This stage is fun because players have to build seven air bridges. So that people can fly over the 14 fans in Slope Game. It’s hard because players have to make a path for all seven bridges to get through this step.

In Seven Bridges, there are also goldies that will work with people to build the air bridges that lead to the end. The path is hard to follow, and some players might get upset, but this stage is worth it.

Train Of Thought

Train of Thought is a nice stage that makes you feel good when you finish it. Players will have to direct other players to push a platform from one stop to the nex. And they will have to push the track from both tracks. Shiba will have to make a way for the people to jump onto the tracks and push from both sides.

It’s hard, and players have to lead the people who are tired of waiting for training to push the platform to the other stop. The name can be a little confusing, though, because there is no real train for players to push.

Falling Into Place

This is a hard but very interesting user stage that has only been played a small number of times. Players must use the blocks that can be moved on the platform to make a bridge that leads to the other part of the game.

This stage doesn’t have a start button, so Shiba will have to lead the people and figure out where to go as they go. Falling Into Place can be hard and unclear, which is why almost no one clears it. Even though it’s hard to get past this stage, some players give the game good marks.


This user stage is a fight stage where Shiba has to lead people to specific spots while avoiding the many attackers in the puzzle. This stage is fun because players have to get a certain number of people to the right places in order to finish it.

In this stage, Shiba doesn’t have to use a certain set of moves to lead the humans. Instead, the humans will go wherever Shiba takes them. Most of the marked spots have attackers. The more people Shiba leads, the better, because more people means a stronger army to shoot and kill enemies.

Humanity can be played right now on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, PlayStation VR and VR2, and PlayStation VR.

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