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Most Common Google Analytics Mistakes

You need to market your website effectively if you want it to be successful. But if you make these Google Analytics mistakes, you won’t know if you are doing it correctly.

How can you tell if your marketing is effective? And if your website works for your business. Google Analytics has the solution you are looking for.

It provides valuable information about your website’s performance and results from your marketing campaigns when set up correctly.

If you don’t have all the items, or if it isn’t configured correctly, it can be easy to get the wrong information.

Use or review analytics

Google Analytics is a very common tool. However, many people don’t use it. Another mistake is to have the tool but never analyze the data.

One of the most common mistakes in digital marketing is not analyzing results. This mistake can be easily avoided. It doesn’t matter which analytics tool is used, it matters that you collect data and take the time to analyze it.

Incorrect account settings

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in Google Analytics is not configuring it correctly. It is important to understand the hierarchy of your account, particularly if you have multiple websites.

Google Analytics is a Google service and you will need to use your Gmail account to log in. You can add users to your Google Analytics account if you already have one.

Account is the account, property the website and view a specific view. Set up a property per subdomain or website if your brand is associated with multiple websites. Each one will have its tracking code.

Vista allows you to use filters to focus on certain parts of the site, clean up data, etc.

To keep an overview, I recommend that you create a Raw view that contains all the raw data from your website. Create another view to filter out referral spam, internal traffic, and more.

Ignoring to check that the code is present on all pages

It may seem logical but it’s a crucial step that is often overlooked or omitted and is, therefore, one of the common Google Analytics errors.

Add the Google Analytics code to all pages on your website, and make sure it’s working correctly.

Ignoring the filters that exclude internal traffic

By adding a Google Analytics code to your site, you can track all visitors. It includes visits by you, your team, or any partners.

This artificially increases the data and distorts results. To exclude traffic within your company, add filters to the view.

Setting goals, tracking events, and e-commerce tracking

Google Analytics can be a powerful tool, but it’s also a mistake to set up the configuration in a standard way. Goal setting, event tracking, and e-commerce tracking provide so much more.

If you have traceable phone numbers, for example, your objective might be to track calls. You could also do the same with forms on your site.

Google Analytics can track e-commerce and pull in data on revenue, products bought, etc. These data can help you get the information that you need to improve your results. This is one of the most common mistakes made in Google Analytics.

It is important to track events because you can see how visitors interact with your website.

Only review aggregated data

Google Analytics also makes the mistake of only analyzing aggregated data. Google Analytics allows you to drill down and analyze your data by channel, device, or page. You may miss out on important information and alerts if you only look at the total numbers.

Do not ignore differences in device behavior

There are generally more mobile searches than desktop searches. Even though desktop traffic may be higher in certain industries, mobile users are still important.

Your website must be mobile-friendly and load quickly. The way people interact with websites varies depending on what device they use.

You’re losing out on valuable information if you don’t analyze how users interact with your site on different devices.

This prevents you not only from making improvements that could be of great benefit to your business but also from knowing which situations can cause problems.

And if you think this information is overwhelming for your Contact Us and our experts will set up your GA account properly for you.

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