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Confirmed and Leaked Kits 2023/24 – Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A


Football Jersey around the world eagerly anticipate the release of new kits each season. These jerseys are more than just garments; they represent a club’s identity and evoke a sense of pride among supporters. As the kits 2023/24 season approaches, several clubs in the top European leagues have already confirmed or had their kits leaked. Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting new designs that will grace the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A.

Premier League:

  1. Manchester United: Manchester United Football jersey will be delighted with their team’s new home kit for the 2023/24 season. Designed by Adidas, the iconic red shirt will feature a sleek pattern inspired by the club’s rich history. With a nod to the famous ‘Class of ’92,’ the kit will include a unique collar and white stripes down the sides.
  2. Chelsea: Chelsea football jersey new home kit for the upcoming season will be supplied by Nike. The traditional blue jersey will have a modern twist with a gradient design that fades from dark to light. The club’s crest will be prominently displayed, symbolizing their recent success both domestically and in European competitions.
  3. Liverpool: Liverpool Football jersey can look forward to a vibrant home kit from Nike in the 2023/24 campaign. The classic red shirt will incorporate a pattern inspired by the city’s iconic Liver Bird. With a round neck and white accents on the sleeves and collar, the kit will pay homage to the club’s historic achievements.

La Liga:

  1. Real Madrid: Real madrid home jersey 2023-24 season, manufactured by Adidas, is set to impress. The iconic all-white shirt will feature subtle horizontal stripes, giving it a touch of elegance. The collar will have a modern V-neck design, while the sleeve cuffs will showcase the club’s traditional purple color.
  2. Barcelona: FC Barcelona home jersey 2023-24 for the upcoming season, designed by Nike, will celebrate the club’s rich Catalan heritage. The famous blue and red stripes will be wider than usual, paying tribute to the flag of Catalonia. Additionally, the collar will feature the iconic Senyera flag pattern, creating a visually striking ensemble.

Serie A:

  1. Juventus: Juventus’ new home kits 2023/24 for the Serie A season, supplied by Adidas, will continue the club’s tradition of black and white stripes. However, this time, the stripes will have a modern twist with an innovative gradient effect. The kit will also feature a round neck and gold accents, symbolizing the club’s success.
  2. AC Milan: AC Milan’s home kit for the upcoming season, designed by Puma, will honor the club’s glorious past. The iconic red and black stripes will be slightly wider, giving the jersey a bold and imposing look. The collar will have a modern touch with black trim, while the sleeve cuffs will feature subtle gold detailing.


As the 2023/24 season draws closer, football fans can anticipate an array of exciting new kits in the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. From modern twists on traditional designs to innovative patterns paying homage to club history, these jerseys will undoubtedly captivate supporters around the world. Whether confirmed or leaked, these kits represent the continued evolution of football fashion, allowing fans to proudly display their loyalty to their favorite teams on and off the pitch.

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