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Kristen Taekman Unveiling the Journey of the RHONY Star

Kristen Taekman is a well-known television personality who gained fame through her appearance on the popular reality TV series “The Real Housewives of New York City” (RHONY). As fans follow her journey on the show, they often have questions about Kristen Taekman’s life, career, and her time on RHONY. In this article, we will delve into Kristen Taekman’s background, her contributions to RHONY, and her endeavors beyond the show.

Kristen Taekman: A Brief Background

Kristen Taekman, born on February 16, 1977, in Farmington, Connecticut, began her career as a model before venturing into the world of reality television. She appeared on RHONY during its sixth and seventh seasons, captivating audiences with her lively personality and unique perspective.

Kristen Taekman’s Journey on RHONY

During her time on RHONY, Kristen Taekman brought her own dynamic presence to the show. She quickly made an impression with her fashion-forward style and relatable personality. Her interactions with fellow cast members and involvement in various social events added depth to the RHONY storyline.

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Life Beyond RHONY

Following her departure from RHONY, Kristen Taekman pursued various endeavors beyond the realm of reality TV. She has focused on her blog, Last Night’s Look, where she shares fashion and beauty tips, as well as lifestyle content. Additionally, she has been involved in philanthropic efforts and has continued to explore opportunities in the fashion industry.


Q1: What led Kristen Taekman to join RHONY?

Kristen Taekman’s background in modeling and her vibrant personality made her a fitting addition to the RHONY cast. Her connection to the fashion world and her ability to engage with others made her a natural fit for the show.

Q2: Are there any notable moments from Kristen Taekman’s time on RHONY?

Kristen Taekman’s time on RHONY included memorable moments, such as her conflicts with fellow cast members and her involvement in social events and trips. Additionally, her friendship with fellow castmate Heather Thomson brought a unique dynamic to the show.

Q3: What is Kristen Taekman doing now?

Following her departure from RHONY, Kristen Taekman has focused on her blog, Last Night’s Look, where she shares her fashion and beauty expertise. She also continues to explore opportunities in the fashion industry and remains involved in philanthropic endeavors.

Q4: Has Kristen Taekman made any recent appearances on RHONY?

As of the latest information, Kristen Taekman has not made any recent appearances on RHONY. However, she remains connected to the RHONY community and has expressed appreciation for her time on the show.


Kristen Taekman’s time on RHONY allowed audiences to get a glimpse into her life and showcased her vibrant personality. Beyond her reality TV stint, Kristen has embarked on various endeavors, including her popular fashion and lifestyle blog, Last Night’s Look. As fans continue to follow her journey, Kristen Taekman’s impact extends beyond her time on RHONY, leaving a lasting impression as a dynamic and multi-talented personality.

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