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EPBFI Email Login How to Access Your EPB Email Account

If you are an EPB customer, you may be wondering how to access your EPB email account. The process of logging into your EPB email account is relatively simple, and this article will guide you through the steps required to do so. We will also discuss some of the features of the EPB email service and answer some frequently asked questions about the EPBFI email login process.

What is EPBFI Email?

EPBFI Email is an email service provided by the Electric Power Board (EPB) of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The service is free for EPB customers and comes with a variety of features, including spam filtering, email forwarding, and webmail access.

How to Login to Your EPBFI Email Account

To log in to your EPBFI email account, follow these steps:

Open your web browser and go to the EPB website (epb.net).

Click on the “My Account” link at the top of the page.

Enter your EPB account number and password in the login fields.

Click on the “Email” link to access your EPBFI email account.

If you have forgotten your EPB account number or password, you can retrieve them by clicking on the “Forgot Account Number” or “Forgot Password” links on the login page.

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Features of EPBFI Email

EPBFI Email comes with a range of features that make it a useful tool for EPB customers. Some of these features include:

  1. Webmail access: EPBFI Email users can access their email accounts from any device with an internet connection by logging into the EPB website.
  2. Spam filtering: The email service comes with robust spam filtering capabilities that help to protect users from unwanted emails.
  3. Email forwarding: Users can set up email forwarding to have their EPBFI email messages sent to another email address.
  4. Large storage capacity: EPBFI Email accounts come with 2GB of storage space, which is more than enough for most users.


Q: Can I access my EPBFI email account from my smartphone?

A: Yes, you can access your EPBFI email account from any device with an internet connection.

Q: How do I reset my EPBFI email password?

A: You can reset your EPBFI email password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

Q: Is EPBFI Email free?

A: Yes, EPBFI Email is a free service for EPB customers.


Accessing your EPBFI Email Login account is a simple process that requires only a few steps. By following the instructions outlined in this article, you can log in to your EPB email account and take advantage of the many features that it offers. Whether you need to check your email on the go or want to set up email forwarding, EPBFI Email is a useful tool for EPB customers.

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