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The Inspiring Journey of Butch Baltierra Overcoming Addiction

Butch Baltierra is a well-known figure in the reality TV world, having appeared on the hit show “Teen Mom OG”. However, Butch’s life hasn’t always been glamorous. He has battled addiction and spent time in prison, but he has also worked hard to turn his life around. In this article, we will take a closer look at Butch’s inspiring journey.

Who is Butch Baltierra?

Butch Baltierra is the father of Tyler Baltierra, one of the original cast members of “Teen Mom OG”. Butch has appeared on the show on and off since it first aired in 2009. He has also had his share of legal troubles, having been arrested numerous times over the years.

Overcoming Addiction

One of the biggest struggles that Butch has faced in his life is addiction. He has battled addiction to drugs and alcohol for many years, which has led to numerous legal issues and strained relationships with his family.

However, Butch has worked hard to overcome his addiction. He has been in and out of rehab multiple times, and he has also spent time in prison. Butch credits his sobriety to his faith, and he has also received support from his family and friends.

Rebuilding His Life

In addition to overcoming addiction, Butch has also worked hard to rebuild his life. He has started his own business selling handmade items, including jewelry and leather goods. He has also become a mentor to others who are struggling with addiction, sharing his story and offering support and guidance.

Butch has also worked on repairing his relationships with his family. He has apologized to Tyler and his wife Catelynn for his past behavior, and he has made an effort to be a better father and grandfather.

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Q: How many times has Butch been arrested?

A: Butch has been arrested numerous times over the years for various offenses, including drug possession and driving under the influence.

Q: Has Butch been to rehab?

A: Yes, Butch has been in and out of rehab multiple times over the years.

Q: What is Butch’s business?

A: Butch sells handmade items, including jewelry and leather goods, through his business called “Butch’s Balts”.

Q: How has Butch’s family supported him?

A: Butch’s family, including his son Tyler and his wife Catelynn, have been supportive of his sobriety and his efforts to rebuild his life.


Butch Baltierra’s journey has been a difficult one, but he has shown incredible resilience and strength in overcoming addiction and rebuilding his life. His story is a reminder that no matter how low you may feel, it is always possible to turn your life around with hard work, dedication, and the support of those who care about you. We can all learn from Butch’s example and be inspired to face our own struggles with courage and determination.

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