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Awesome experience Driving Iceland Ring Road

 Some Ring Road Facts

For those who want an overview, here is a brief look at the route we did.

As we delve into this Ring Road itinerary planner, I’ll get into our recommendations for what to see, do, and where to stay along the way.

You want to take your time taking photos, finding hidden hot springs, and visiting some of the most incredible waterfalls imaginable, so we recommend spreading it out over some days.

Once again, as you delve into this self-driving itinerary, I’ll provide links to driving instructions and maps to make the planning process easier for you.



Iceland has recently stopped allowing campervans to go wild camping, which means you have to stay at designated campsitesaround the ring road. 

There are many campsites along the ring road, so finding one is not a big problem. Camps are $25-$30 per night for two people.

If you prefer to stay in more local places, check out our full article on how to get $45 coupon code for Airbnb or simply click here to get our coupon code to apply towards your next booking.


Motorhome rental in Iceland

If you have already started looking for a trip to Iceland, you can easily see that there are plenty of companies that offer campervan rentals in Iceland.

Choosing which one you go with can make or break your trip!

For our 10 day motorhome trip around Iceland we chose to go with the guys at Camp Easy. True to their name, this family business made the entire process as smooth and easy as possible.

As soon as we selected the vehicle of our choice, we gained access to a customer portal that allowed us to easily make changes to our reservation, add upgrades, book free transfers and more.

We opted for the Easy Clever 4×4 as we wanted a reliable car to get us through winter roads. We had a lot of fun as we stream tubidy mp3 and mp4 music download free with the car media. Camp Easy has an entire fleet of campervans ranging from two to five person conversions, giving you a plethora of options.

Although I’ll go into more detail about our van later, I have to say that what impressed us most about Camp Easy is the level of support. For our trip, we received a tablet where we could message the team, ask questions about the route, road safety, and more.  It honestly gave us a lot of peace of mind knowing we could easily contact them with any questions! If you are interested in viewing their fleet, click the button below to get a quote for your approximate dates.


Is it safe to drive on the ring road?

Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world but has quite harsh weather conditions.

Taking this into account, road safety in Iceland is one of the best we have ever seen.

 Even though we were driving through snow and sometimes rain, before starting our day all we had to do was check the Vegagerdin website (they have an app too).

If you are going to do a long walk or excursion, I also recommend that you leave your itinerary with Safe Travel Iceland .

What is the speed limit in Iceland?

Iceland has fairly strict speed limit rules, with most roads being limited to 90km/h and some cities 50km/h. 

Although you may be tempted to drive fast, especially when going through large stretches of land, always stay within these speed limits as they have traffic cameras everywhere.

We met a person who was on one of our walks who received a fine of more than 700 euros for speeding. Needless to say, we closely watched our speed limit after hearing that story.


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Our caravan to Iceland

Before I wrap up this mega bypass road planning guide, I want to share a bit more about our camper, Foxy.

As previously mentioned, we chose to rent her from Camp Easy and we couldn’t be happier with her level of service.

 The van came with a tablet that we could use to help us plan our route as well as message the team when we needed to.

Although the van was quite small compared to what we were driving in Scotland this also meant we could easily maneuver and park it anywhere we wanted.

Because the van was really robust and low this also meant we were not affected much by strong gusts of wind. wind that are quite common, especially in coastal areas.

The interior of our van contained a convertible bed that we set up each night. We also opted to rent chairs, tables, as well as a barbecue set for picnics.


Now I know what you’re thinking… picnics in the winter?

It was actually a lot of fun, and it was something we did quite often.  Regarding maintenance, we could eat, sleep, cook inside the van without problems. 

Unlike our big van, we had no chemical toilets or gray water to dispose of, which was great! Do you want to see the design of our chosen caravan? Watch the short video below!


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