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Ultimate Vacation Rental Amenities Checklist

When establishing a new vacation rental property, you must be aware of a plethora of factors. Choosing and sourcing vacation rental amenities may appear to be an extra burden.

How do you know what your visitors want? Where can you purchase it? Most importantly, how do you avoid creating a property that looks exactly like every other STR on the market?

Jetstream specializes in streamlining STR setup and management for hosts, allowing you to start taking bookings and maximizing revenue as soon as possible. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of vacation rental amenities to assist you in making your decision.

We’ll go over the necessities and extras you’ll need to make your listings stand out. How to cater to both mass and niche markets.


Why do you require a list of vacation rental amenities?

When it comes to setting up a vacation rental, there is a lot to consider. Small errors can have a significant impact on the guest experience—and your reviews. As a result, a vacation rental amenities list or maintenance checklist can assist you in staying organized. Getting good ratings for your property in a smart city also increases your chances of becoming a Premier or Superhost on Vrbo and Airbnb.

Furthermore, guests searching for vacation rentals on Vrbo and other OTAs filter their results by amenities. So, if you don’t provide popular amenities like fast Wi-Fi, you might be missing out. And if you want to target a specific demographic, such as digital nomads or pet owners, you’ll need to know exactly what to offer.



The kitchen is the heart of modern homes, so make sure it has everything guests expect, especially for longer stays. The good news is that it’s not difficult to distinguish yourself from the STR crowd with some above-average amenities and thoughtful touches. But remember to consider storage before stocking up. Nobody enjoys cooking in a disorganized kitchen.

Guests do not want to waste their vacation time doing dirty dishes. A dishwasher large enough for a family is essential in any vacation rental home.



If your guests are from tea-drinking cultures, they will be annoyed by the need to boil water in a pan. And a good energy-efficient kettle won’t cost you a fortune. Include caffeinated and herbal tea bags as well (which brand and type will depend on where your guests are from).

Cleaning materials

Guests who stay for an extended period of time will want to keep the kitchen and other areas clean. Provide essential cleaning supplies such as:

  • Dishwasher detergent tablets
  • Mop, broom, and vacuum (handy for carpeted homes)
  • For minor spills, use kitchen towels.
  • Disposable or rubber gloves
  • Cleaner for multiple surfaces
  • Wipes or spray with disinfectant
  • Trash bags, disposable

Seating that is both comfortable and supportive

Invest in high-quality, long-lasting seating made of hospitality-grade fabric. This makes cleaning easier and keeps it looking good for longer. Invest in a pull-out couch to increase your sleeping capacity, and add blankets and throw pillows to make it even cozier.


Smart or cable TV, as well as streaming services

Unless guests want to be completely disconnected from the internet, they’ll appreciate being able to keep up with local news and weather. Or they can simply unwind by watching their favorite show. TVs are a must-have for urban properties that cater to business travelers. A game console will also be well received by families.


Packet of information

Leave a binder with all of the important information that guests will require during their stay. This should include maps, guidebooks, local attractions, and recommendations, in addition to house rules and device operating instructions.



Another nice-to-have, but one that makes a big visual impact and can really round out your decor. Consider collaborating with local artists or craftspeople to showcase their work and sell it to guests.


Superior mattresses

This is the most important item in the bedroom, so don’t skimp on quality. Furthermore, beds are heavily used, so you don’t want to have to replace the mattress every season. Because everyone is different, selecting the right mattress can be difficult, but go for something supportive but not too firm and you should be fine.

Make your beds bug-proof by using a zippered mattress and box spring encasements. To protect them, cover them with non-plastic waterproof pads.

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