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Top Performing EHR/EMR Software In 2022 – 2023

There are many different EHR/EMR software list that are available on the market today. These software systems can be found in different price ranges and features. It is up to you to select the best EHR/EMR software that will work best for you. You can also read reviews of these systems in order to learn about their different features and pricing.


ChartLogic EMR Reviews

ChartLogic EHR is an easy-to-use Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software for healthcare providers. It offers a full suite of solutions for medical practices, including practice management, billing, revenue cycle management, patient portals, and data conversion. It is designed to support multiple workflows, ensuring paperlessoperations. This software allows doctors to quickly document a patient visit in less than 90 seconds. It also features customizable templates and a specialty-specific vocabulary library. The system also combines voice input, allowing for fast and accurate documentation.
ChartLogic has a customer service team that responds to inquiries within a reasonable amount of time. It offers chat, email, and webinars. It also provides a toll-free phone number. It has a reasonable initial cost and a low monthly subscription rate.

ChartLogic EMR Pricing

ChartLogic is a leading EMR provider for physician practices. It offers the entire EMR suite, from practice management to labs. It also provides customizable templates to increase efficiency and productivity. Founded in 1994, ChartLogic has been serving diverse medical populations since its inception. It is now a subsidiary of Medsphere Systems Corporation. It was originally created with the belief that physicians needed an affordable EHR. It was built to simplify the process of capturing clinical encounters, and provide physicians with easy-to-use, secure, encrypted records for patients. The ChartLogic EHR solution is ideal for primary care practices, including OB/GYN and pediatric practices. It is compatible with telehealth and allows nurse practitioners to work from anywhere. It includes customizable templates and a patient portal to streamline workflows.


EHR/EMR Software

ChartLogic EMR Features

ChartLogic EHR features are designed to streamline clinical operations. This helps improve the quality of patient care. It also increases productivity. The company offers a practice management system that assists in billing, collections and eligibility verification. It is easy to use. A dashboard enables healthcare professionals to see all the information they need. It is also customizable. Users can enter their own notes and custom templates are available. The software is a browser agnostic, so it can be used on any device. Its telemedicine service allows doctors to meet patients over the internet. This helps to prevent the spread of diseases. This is especially useful for patients who cannot come in person for their appointments. Aside from its practice management capabilities, ChartLogic also provides access to accurate financial information. It also has a direct messaging feature, which enables healthcare professionals to share records electronically.

ChartLogic EMR Demo

ChartLogic EHR is a cloud-based system that allows for easy charting of patient notes. Its features include e-Prescribe, patient portal and messaging system. It also
integrates with more than 125 specialty practice management systems. Its software is user-friendly and secure. It also enables physicians to access all pertinent information about a patient, such as medication, diagnosis and test results. Its proprietary PrecisionVoice software uses voice recognition technology to accurately record and navigate around the chart. It also has a library of specialty-specific vocabulary, which helps it recognize medical speech. This ensures that navigation is
smooth. Its integrated drug database also helps in prescribing the right medications. Additionally, it offers security monitoring and data conversion services. It has a free trial offer. It is available for both hospitals and private practitioners.



If you’re a healthcare provider looking for a new EMR/EHR, you need to know which  ones will help you deliver quality health care. Using the correct EMR/EHR software will also reduce delays and ensure the safety of your patients. A proper EMR implementation is a must to minimize the risk of data loss. A proper
EMR/EHR can also support claims to insurance companies and Medicare. Using an EHR will also improve care coordination. Electronic medical records can help reduce patient wait times and increase patient satisfaction. However, an EHR is not perfect. There are numerous factors that can lead to an EHR failure. When choosing an EHR, you should be aware of regulatory requirements. Your EHR system should be HIPAA compliant. It is also wise to implement a recovery plan to
ensure continuity of service in the event of an EHR breakdown.

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